Think & Grow Rich Lessons
Ken Klemm Spring Hill, FL, USA

Posted: 2016-05-18

How to Think

The Mentoring For Free subheading is “Where You Learn 
HOW to Think, Not WHAT to Think.”

What does that mean?

It means training to Seize control of Your MIND, so You 
may OWN Your LIFE.

Your Subconscious Mind does all Your heavy lifting. It 
operates Your body. It holds Your beliefs. It performs 
tasks You have mastered such as walking, talking, 
typing, texting, driving a car. 

It also interacts with the world physically, mentally 
and spiritually to deliver to You what You have told it 

It generates Your EMOTIONS and fires Your IMAGINATION. 
The Subconscious receives HUNCHES and INTUITIONS.

But, as Tom Schreiter famously pointed out, “It’s as 
dumb as a box of rocks!”

Extremely susceptible to SUGGESTION, the Subconscious 
believes whatever it is told repeatedly. It is 

The downside of this is, others can and do influence 
You. Activities such as watching commercial television 
subject You to the influences of skilled advertisers 
and the crafters of news - who tell You what You should 
like, dislike, trust and fear.

The upside is, through WILLPOWER, CHOICE and 
PERSISTENCE, You can be the dominant influencer of Your 
amazing Subconscious Machine. You control the 
programming through repeated instructions.

This is the main thrust of Think and Grow Rich - 
learning how to gain control of Your thoughts by 
crafting Your own instruction sets...and REPEATING them 
daily as often as necessary.

You need to understand that EVERYONE talks to and 
programs their own Subconscious all day, every 

Being a Mentor.

I see it all the time on the ball field as I umpire 
youth baseball and softball.

A child will abuse him or herself mentally and 
verbally, telling themselves they are no good. I can 
see it in their eyes.

When I have the opportunity between innings, I often 
talk to players - telling them I believe in them, 
that “they’ve got this”, etc.

As a result, many players give me high fives and hugs 
when I arrive at a ball field. They call me things like 
“best friend”.

I surely hope I’m not the only person who ever told 
them that I believed in them.

Your Friend and Servant,

Ken Klemm

P.S. An ounce of encouragement is worth a hundred 
pounds of criticism.