Think & Grow Rich Lessons
Antoinette Floyd Auburn, Alabama, United States

Posted: 2016-05-18

Everyday our minds are in a continous function and receiving positive and negative thoughts . That one negative thought can block our growth and sucess we are destined to have therefore its up to us to weed out any negative influence with positive thoughts everyday . Thats where the self talk and positive affirmation comes in to reprogram our minds , but its not going happen by us sitting waiting for it to happen from some other source . It takes us to take action and do the positive things to get pass the negative ,even if it means leaving behind people that not building us up in a positive way . Connect with other positive people , find something you like to do that makes you happy and use that energy to feed your passion .The key is your willingness to put forth the effort to help yourself and not depend on anyone . Take action and be accountable ,

Antoinette Floyd

Auburn Al