Think & Grow Rich Lessons
Anthony Mitchell Vallejo, Ca, United States

Posted: 2016-05-18

The Subconscious Mind

Training and Programming the Subconscious Mind, Hill calls it
“The Connecting Link” the Subconscious taps into Infinite Resources to 
carry out its programming. Just like your computer, it carries 
out its multitude of instructions without any judgment.
Your subconscious mind is where your decision is made, and your subconscious mind will accept whatever we turn over to it so we must all program it and re-program it on a daily basis.

Hill tells us that "You cannot entirely control your subconscious mind, but you can voluntarily hand it over to any plan, desire, or purpose which you wish, and transform it into concrete form. Now go and read again, instructions for using the subconscious mind, in the chapter on autosuggestion."

Michael says it right in the beginning of the Book this is where you and I learn how to think, not what to think.

To be able to shape your future you and I must be willing and able to change your paradigm “The way we think”!

 “Where You Learn How To Think, Not What To Think”

So the question is? How are we thinking?  Can we change our thinking?

Can we get rid of the justifying of why we can't build our business to justifying why we can and do build our business?

You see each one of us where born into this world we were totally open for programming as a little baby, you and I have arrived here with a clean slate. And we have been programmed from those around us and in what we see, and what we hear, and what we allow into our minds consciously and unconsciously and this programming has taken on a tremendous effect upon every one of us. It has an effect on how we grow and develop. So my question again how are we thinking?

Listen an aware person is someone who is “Thinking into Results” regardless of their present results Example “Edwin C. Barnes who thought his way into partnership with Thomas A. Edison”.

Your subconscious mind is your emotional mind

Listen you and I have infinite potential on the inside of us, and we all have to understand that all the knowledge there ever was or ever will be is on the inside of you and me, we all have unlimited potential but it is locked up on the inside of each one of us, so what you and I or let me say it this way we must, we must everyday retrain, reprogram our minds and we must learn how to become a critical thinkers.

 Hill tells us, "The Subconscious Mind Works Day and Night”

"You may VOLUNTARILY plant in your subconscious mind any plan, thought, or purpose which you desire to translate into its physical or monetary equivalent."

Hill also states “kindle anew in your mind the fire of hope, faith, courage, and tolerance. If you have these states of mind and a working knowledge of the principles described, all else that you need will come to you when you are ready for it.”

Now today and every single day I have begun to program my day as I start out with re-programming my mind that, from Abundance he took Abundance; and Abundance still remains, there is Abundance all around me each and every day.

The Subconscious Mind, and this is where and why Michael explains to us that we need to do our self- talk, so much that it becomes conscious competent, listen everyone Michael has and continues to reached a major level of success in his company and was recognized on stage, they asked him what do you attribute to your success and Michael response is “Self-Talk” and they responded okay, Michael, yeah smirk, smirk, what really is the secret to your success?  And again Michael’s reply is Self-Talk, Self-Talk.

How important is for my self-talk? Well to me it has to become a habitual habit that I repeat and repeat over and over as necessary to reprogram my thinking and program my subconscious mind and this habitual programming is literally life changing programming.

 “I have the will to do it” “I have the will to do it” the quicker you respond to getting, this in place the sooner you will be able to get on the fast track of success.  

Today and now every day I am sincerely grateful for, Michael and Linda and for all of you, here at Mentoring For Free Program, I am truly grateful for time and energy that has been put into this system to help me and all of us across the globe learn how to empower ourselves and others  if we will stay plugged into the system, today I  feel the emotional energy that has helped me to begin to reprogram my subconscious mind, with positive and encouraging words, today I am on course in making and becoming a person who is a critical thinker so that I can understand how to be all in with laser focused action and no matter what it may have looked like in the beginning, in the end I will live out my purpose.

Blessing to you all,
Anointed for Business
Min. Anthony C. Mitchell
Vallejo, CA.

Be blessed as you are a blessing to others!
“I pray that in all respects you may prosper and be in good health,
just as your soul prospers!” 3 John 2


PS. Your Self Talk, Self Talk, Self Talk is how we program and re-program the Subconscious Mind