Think & Grow Rich Lessons
Anthony Rodelli Highland, NY, USA

Posted: 2016-05-18

Step 11 Toward Riches: The Subconscious MInd

Only a small percentage discovers the subconscious mind, understands it, learns how to use its hidden powers to achieve complete success in whatever they set out to do.I like this example: A baby learning to eat by itself. the infant smears food all over its face in an attempt to hit its mouth. After what seems like an eternity to impatient parents, the child does learn to feed itself without making an absolute mess of it. For ourselves today, after years of this habit pattern that has programmed into your subconscious mind a countless number of times,you do not have to use your conscious mind to tell your subconscious mind to move the fork from your plate to your mouth.Nor do you have to think about what muscles you should contract to accomplish this goal of eating. Your subconscious mind has been programmed by previous experience to perform the proper movements to move the food from the plate to your mouth without any action whatever on the part of your conscious mind. Nor do you need your eyes to guide the fork.You can eat in the dark really. The movements have become entirely automatic. 

Like eating,riding a bike, driving a car,playing golf,tennis,catching a ball,playing piano or guitar, it has learned properly because that is what your conscious mind has directed it to do.Your subconscious remembers its successes,discards its failures, and repeats the successful actions as a matter of habit without any further thought or direction from your conscious mind.

Your conscious mind is like the captain of a ship. That ships's captain is in complete control. He directs all the activities of his ship. He issues orders to the crew in the engine room who control the intricate and complicated machinery that runs the ship. If the captain issued improper or faulty orders to his crew, the ship could end up sinking in a storm or being torn to pieces on a rocky coast. The members of his crew can only follow orders; they CANNOT see where the ship is actually going.

Like your body, Your sub-conscious mind will accept and absorb mental and spiritual vitamins without effort. But, unlike your physical body, the subconscious will digest and retain unlimited quantities.Unlike your stomach,it never becomes stuffed! It will take and hold as much as you feed it-and still hold more information like the books, cd's and  self-help materials we all enjoy

In effect, the subconscious mind is like a battery.From it, you can obtain tremendous surges of mental and spiritual energy which often transmute themselves into physical vitality. These jolts of energy will go to waste if we permit them to be short-circuited by needless negative emotions.But used constructively ,this energy can multiply itself many times, just as a powerhouse generator produces vast amounts of useful power.

Your subconscious is an automatic creative mechanism that can SOLVE your problems and change your LIFE much faster than your conscious mind ALONE. Further, it is never limited because it can be trained and retrained.Just as long as you keep on picturing what you want,like a submarine torpedo programmed to seek out an objective, it will forget mistakes, change course, correct itself and bring you right on target, all automatically. The key to releasing your subconscious power is to get the feeling that it's working. You must, therefore, picture the END RESULT.Feel that you can get what you want. Feel that it is ALREADY YOURS. Feel the enjoyment...the excitement NOW.You do not have to have had some experience to program your subconscious mind effectively.

Of all the creatures on this earth, man is the only one who does not need to depend upon past experiences to control his future. Another way of saying this is that man is the only one of God's creations who is allowed to finish the act of creation himself.