Think & Grow Rich Lessons
Loretta Bright Akron, Ohio, USA

Posted: 2016-05-18

Chapter 12 The Subconscious Mind


The subconscious is a collective memory and a reader of our will. It takes its cue from you and the type of information you feed it.

I had a friend who was a frequent lottery winner. She would write out a check to herself and put it in a book.

It was a signal to the world and to herself to send out the right kind of signals or vibrations when buying the lottery tickets, and she frequently won.

Also, people who want to lose weight or quit some kind of habit frequently tap into their subconscious and feed it the corrective information.

This is often successful. I have known people to quit smoking this way.

Haven't you ever felt like you had been somewhere before or that you had met someone before? You might have, in your subconscious!

We must utilize our subconscious by feeding it the desired information and getting it to send out the correct signals to propel us to our goal!


Loretta Bright-Akron, OH