Think & Grow Rich Lessons
Ingrid Camacho SPOKANE VALLEY, WA, United States

Posted: 2016-05-17

The Subconscious is the scrapbook of our life, the never-ending, constant playing production. 
The sum totality of everything taken in through the senses and edified, regardless of the contents origin, worthiness or truth. 
The question becomes what screenplay are we living?  
What scripted lines have we learned and acted out?
The answer to the  question can be found in what we are doing today and where we are in life. 

Take a good hard look at how we are living and that tells the whole story of what is actually in our subconscious mind.
Our we saying negative thoughts to ourselves without realizing it?  Even the smallest negative thought can change the course of our network marketing careers.

It is real easy to let those negative thoughts creep in.  I have heard people say " I am so stupid" or " I am so dumb".
The subconscious mind is recording all the tiny phrases we say to ourselves and making sure those phrases comes true.  So if we are telling ourselves we are stupid or dumb our mind is going to make sure we are stupid and dumb.

The mind does not care what we tell ourselves!

I used to say negative things about myself all the time and sure enough they played out and came true.  

The good's never too late to take control over the parts of our subconscious. Total control is impossible but we  can "plant" positive, powerful, words and images in our subconscious. 
We must make conscious effort to say things like " I am confident" ,  I am strong" " I can get ebook downloads every day"   " I can sponsor people into my business".

The "How" to do this, as with most things, is where it seems many folks get stuck.

Think of it this are a farmer, your subconscious the soil, your thoughts the seeds, your desire the fertilizer and nutrients, your emotion is water, your self talk is tiling the soil and sunshine, your dreams are the actual plants and when your dreams are actualized it is the harvest.

First the farmer must prepare the soil, your subconscious, by tilling it with self talk that is all that is good and love, the positive emotions, that feed the soil of the subconscious with the nutrients of desire that promote a  medium of support for the seed of thought and plants of dreams to grow.

A farmer must select his seed of thoughts carefully; they too must be from the positive emotions such as hope and enthusiasm to have a bountiful harvest of dreams actualized.

If seed of thoughts come from the negative emotions such as fear and greed the harvest of dreams will be weak and lacking, if there is a harvest of dreams at all.

Once the correct seed of thoughts are sown, the farmer has to fertilize them with desire and water them generously with emotions that activate the fertilizer and nutrients of desire in the soil of the subconscious.

This allows the seeds of thought to start to take root and grow deep, strong roots well able to support a hardy plant of dreams. As the seeds of thoughts grow and take hold, a farmer needs to fortify the soil of the subconscious around the plants of dreams by tilling with self talk and mixing the fertilizer of desire down deep, further strengthening the roots that support the plant of dreams.

Basking the plants of dreams liberally in the warm, powerful sunshine of self talk the plants of dreams grow strong until finally the day comes when the plants of dreams are harvested, self actualized!

Success in this process is found in the proper balance of all parts and more importantly the quality of each, being derived from Love as opposed to Fear, this is where it seems most struggle.  Again, the outcome of this process and its success is evident by what we are doing and where we are in our life.

We are what we grow, we reap what we sow.

Ingrid Camacho