Think & Grow Rich Lessons
Larry Griffin Shererville, IN, US

Posted: 2016-05-16

                                                           Chapter 12 

                                                                       The Subconscious Mind 


After listening to this chapter on the subconscious mind the word Power came to my mind. The working of the subconscious mind is Power, the power the  to communicate with all the knowledge in existence. 

Think about it for a moment, after aliening the mind with the correct steps outlined in these lessons we have been given the Power to design a life. People who have not studied these principles lack the understanding of the power given to every person at birth. 

The subconscious mind not only has the power to communicate with infinite intelligence, it keeps the very blood flowing as we sleep and the heart beating and the communications flowing with all 24/7. 

As I understand the subconscious mind it is influenced by emotions positive or negative, if left alone the negative will dominate, only with sustained effort can the negative be overcome with positive. This process reminds me of karma or you reap what you sow. Negative begets negative and positive begets positive. 

Sowing and reaping are directly related to the subconscious mind, the principle of sowing and reaping is essential to understanding the subconscious mind, these principles are, we only reap if we sow, we reap what we sow, we reap more then we sow, and we only reap after we sow. If you plant a kernel of corn you will receive a stalk with 3 to 4 ears of corn each of those ears will have several hundred kernels of corn, you reaped only after you sowed, you reaped what you sowed, you reaped more then you sowed. The laws of the universe apply in every area of existence, right down to the way we think. 

Larry Griffin