Think & Grow Rich Lessons
Mervyn Drury Casey, Australian Capital Territory, Australia

Posted: 2016-05-16

Chapter 12



The Eleventh Step toward Riches

Hill tells us that very little is known about how the Subconscious mind functions and modern studies have lead little to what was known when “Think and Grow Rich” was written. We do however know that it has three basic functions.

Its most obvious function and that which most people are aware of is that it is a well organized filing system of all thoughts, plans, ideas, etc. which have passed through the second function of a filter or gate which permits or stops emotionally charged thoughts. The third and possibly the most important from our view point is it acts as the connecting link between the Thinking (conscious) Mind of man and Infinite Intelligence.

Unlike the filing systems, the steel cabinet associated with modern offices and the Computer CPU, it has enormous capacity, however items stored can be retrieved at will and then restored again. One feature is unique however in that any stored record cannot ever be destroyed. How are files or memories retrieved, this is normally via a triggering mechanism, which may be voluntary or involuntary. Voluntary is where we recall the file via definite communication, whereas involuntary is often used by Psychologists, psychiatrist and counselors to seek information from a person’s past, via the subconscious mind, to understand some behavioral problem in later life. The root cause of the problem is stored in the subconscious mind of the client.

I am often amazed at the clarity with which my subconscious mind is able to recall events that happened 50 or more years ago during my school days of World War II. Having lessons in classrooms constructed in the form of earth mounds covered in grass with an internal core of corrugated iron.

The purpose of the Gate is to allow man some control over what passes into the subconscious mind. Positive and negative thoughts can pass through the gate, negative thoughts pass unheeded in most people from conscious to the sub conscious mind. This easy passage of negative thoughts is however controllable by the use of positive self talk which prevents the passage of negative thoughts when the self talk is being said with emotion and many times per day. It is suggested this should be in the order of 500 to 1,000 times/day.

I am learning that I must maintain a high rate of self talk each and every day in order to reprogram my Mind from many years of negative programming from family and friends if I am to succeed in my MLM Business. I find on days when I fail to achieve myself talk target there is a marked reduction in the number of people who are attracted to me. In the rare case where I have forgotten myself talk the number of people attracted has been zero.

I have also found that I must change my attitude to one that I am good enough and deserve to succeed and have that conveyed to the Universe each and every day as positive thoughts, which cannot influenced  by the negative thoughts and opinions of people I come into contact with.

Communication between the Subconscious Mind and Infinite Intelligence occurs when an event or conversation causes changes the normal vibrations to very high frequency vibrations, at which time there is a transfer of ideas, etc. in the form of energy. Hill suggested that  this can be likened to the transmission of an audible sound between two or more radio stations. The transmitting station raises the vibration of the signal to a frequency which can be transmitted through the ether to the other stations where the frequency is reduced to normal levels acceptable to the human ear.

Hill tells us that the subconscious mind never sleeps; it works day and night receiving positive and negative thoughts. We were told in Chapter 1, everything which man creates, BEGINS in the form of a thought impulse. Subsequent chapters have clarified the process, showing that man can create nothing which he does not first conceive as a THOUGHT. Through the aid of the imagination, thought impulses are assembled into plans. The imagination, when under control, may be used for the creation of plans or purposes that lead to success in one’s chosen occupation or goal. It must be remembered that the overall process is governed by the human emotions both positive and negative, together with the fact that the 13 principles and steps must all be fully realized and they can’t be circumnavigated.

Positive and negative emotions cannot occupy the mind at the same time.
One or the other must dominate. It is your responsibility to make sure that
positive emotions constitute the dominating influence of your mind.

Thank you Michael and Linda for your guidance and belief in me more than I believed in myself. Your constructive comments and criticisms, together with examples along with those of the rest of the members of this wonderful group who produce week after week gems of wisdom from TGR have changed my thinking and thoughts to be more positive most of the time.

Mervyn Drury

Canberra, ACT, Australia.