Think & Grow Rich Lessons
Celia Burton New Castle, Delaware, US

Posted: 2016-05-15

Everything about our existence is written and stored not only in our subconscious mind, but Is also imprinted on the lives we touch through our existence.  Your mom, dad, sister, brother, cousin, friend, and acquaintances hold some form of  information about you in their subconscious. No matter how minute. Their are levels of segregation to what extent the subconscious gives the conscious mind to retains .  For example a mom and dad will have an extensive subconscious record stored about you. Your brother and sister will most likely have about as much as your parents, but as you travel down the line of subconscious connections you find that a friend may have less of an imprint and an acquaintances even less.  However every sole you have encountered has a slight imprint of you in their subconscious and your subconscious also is storing impressionable information about others existence. Our connection to others is not limited by encounters, but also through inter mingling from thought that are transmitted through the ether from infinite wisdom you our subconscious. We all have come across people we have meant in our pass and couldn't remember their names, yet you recognized their face. Your subconscious saw it fit by relative importance to just take a picture imprint of that person and permitted it to be remembered, but opted to release their name because only the most important slots of the limited mind can be allowed to occupy the limited space of the conscious mind. The subconscious in some degree protects the conscious mind of a physical breakdown of sorts protecting the conscious mind from burnout. The point being our conscious mind is limited, but the subconscious mind is vast in its reach unlimited. Working 24/7 collecting thoughts and experiences and deciding what to allow weather good or bad a place in our conscious mind for it to act upon.

The mind fully understood has eluded man for centuries.  President Obama recently launch a Brain Initiative to attempt to unlock the target secrets as to why mankind develop Alzheimer,dementia,schizophrenia,epilepsy and how to overcome external  brain injury.  This I personally believe may take another century to reveal the brain's deepest secrets. This long sought after knowledge has become once again to the forefront. But at least the effort has started again. So little we know about its physical workings. However we have Mr. Hill, thank GOD to help us get through the true magic of the mind housed in the brain. The intangible part of the brain that is responsible for creating the tangible. His brilliant  insight of the workings of our mind has enlighten thousands of entrepreneurs that seek to obtain the golden ring of financial independence.

Thankful I am too to have a platform to obtain the knowledge that flows abundantly from our leader Michael Dlouhy and his backbone Linda Dlouhy, and from all the brilliant mind that come together weekly to lend and share this GOD given intelligences. And I can't forget Mr. Neapolitan Hill for sharing his brilliance with the world.