Think & Grow Rich Lessons
Martin Staunfeldt Vojens, Denmark, Denmark

Posted: 2016-05-12

Our Subconscious Mind is a storage. A storage of
memories, but also more importantly, a storage of
feelings and emotions.

Can you think of a person, who is always glad, kind
and successful ? Those individuals has a
Subconscious Mind filled with positive feelings and
emotions attached to their memories.

Every single person is born neutral. So how is an
"always positive" person developed ? I believe most
"always positive" individuals is developed by "good"
parents, that do it intentionally(made by a decision)
or unintentionally(they are already "always positive"
people them selves). Others are enlightened and
make a decision to develop into an "always positive"
person. Michael Dlouhy was enlightened by his Aunt
Honey. I will bet Aunt Honey was an "always
positive" person herself :).

If you would like to develop into an "always positive"
individual. Just make sure that everything you store
in you Subconscious Mind is stored with positive
feelings and emotions. The most effective method I
know, is to sign up to
Read the current chapter, Write and Post your
thoughts on the site, Read the other peoples posts
everyday as they are written, and Make the calls
every Wednesday.

Have you crafted your perfect SELFTALK yet ? Ken
Klemm has made a training on your perfect
SELFTALK. Your emotions is very important in your
SELFTALK. You can learn about your Personal
emotions from Ken's training. When you have figured
that out, you can use those emotions to craft your
SELFTALK, and you can also use them on any other
thought and memory you store in your Subconscious

Most people know, what you think about comes
about. The secret about a positive emotional
SELFTALK, when it is spoken out loud 1000 times a
day, it will balance your mind as a positive
broadcasting and receiving station. Mix that with
a proven system, that will help people who is
attracted to you, and you can not fail. You are
guaranteed success.

Martin Staunfeldt