Think & Grow Rich Lessons
Ben Drake West Ryde, NSW, Australia

Posted: 2023-03-08

For Years I struggled building friendships and relationships as I had no belief in my own ability to build those friendships and relationships. I let it be beaten from me over many years being unaware that my own intense love was only a friendship love for so many.


I spent years believing that I needed love in my own life. That love was needing to be found inside myself. It has taken years to feel safe building a friendship again from those many hurts. It’s time to know yes I am able to build those friendships, I am going to be Ok. That I am loved for being Ben, health and the rest. There are those who really do care about me, which includes my wife Jenny.
That faith has to be so strong to take whatever comes at me. I’ve had so much from those fake friends who really were false friends. A great example of faith is the following.
Recently I was returning to the car from filling up the tank, walking along I twisted my left ankle. Yeah it was painful, I got in the car and drove to get the rest of the errands finished knowing I was OK driving the car a automatic until could return home to treat my ankle. I was wearing my brace supports for my ankle.
No one else with me could drive. Getting home with the family to tell Jenny what had happened I was asked how are you still walking. There was little pain by now, rest and start recovery as physiotherapy was following day already had an appointment. When got to physiotherapy we talked and I was told yes it had sprained however my braces had helped to lesson the impact. That is faith on its own knowing you can do such and will be ok no matter what.
We all need that faith.
Thank you so much to my amazing friend’s for Life from mentoring for free for your constant friendship, thank you to my mentor for Life Ken klemm the amazing father figure and friend. Thank you to Linda and Michael Dlouhy for allowing myself to grow and become so much more. Thank you to my amazing wife for Life Jenny for all your own love which you give.
Your friend and mentor for Life
Big hugs my friends
Ben drake
West ryde nsw Australia
Helping Families to live better lives
Ps a true friend Ben will hang around even with your health challenges, where as the false friends are nowhere to be found. They are the ones who will get angry for being asked to help during a medical issue or upset you’ve asked them to do something. A real friend will never get angry about you needing help at any time.