Think & Grow Rich Lessons
Mary Collier Arlington, Tennessee, United States

Posted: 2023-03-01

Desire is the starting point of all achievements. It is not a hope, not a wish, not a dream, but it is a strong desire that transcends everything you know. 
That thing that you desire has to be definite.  We can drem but that dream will not come true until you desire transform it into a concrete action. 

To have a strong desire, there is a quality that we must absolutely possess to win and that is a definite mental attitude.  If we do not have a definite
mental attitude we will lose site on what we desire to achieve. Desire builds new victory out of temporry defeat. There had to have been desire on
the part of every major inventor that possessed them to keep going even after being defeated time and time again. 

Because of their burning desire they didn't quit and because they didn't quit, we can enjoy elecricity, cable, television, cars, airplanes, cruise ships,
and the list goes on.  If that desire wasn't fulfilled none of those things would have been possible.

I am a believer in Napoleon Hill's quote "Whatever your mind can concieve and believe you can achieve". But you have to have a positive mental
attitude and apply it.  In other words, in order to create the results you desire, you must have a clear vision of what you truly want and have that
burning desire to possess it.  That means you must be the vibrational match to the object of your desire. 

You must desire it with every fiber of your being. There are no limitations to our mind except those that we create for ourselves and acknowledge.