Think & Grow Rich Lessons
Kay Young Superior, CO, US

Posted: 2022-08-03

Chapter 2 Desire- The Starting Point of All Achievement                                                                Aug. 3, 2022

The First Step toward Riches


Edwin C. “Barnes won his goal, because he wanted to be a business associate of Mr. Edison, more than he wanted anything else. He created a plan by which to attain that purpose. But he BURNED ALL BRIDGES BEHIND HIM. He stood by his DESIRE until it became the dominating obsession of his life—and—finally, a fact.”


This made me wonder, have I burned ALL my bridges on the road to my desired results in my Network Marketing Company?  I started and got rid of many notebooks from other companies I’d been in, but I have resolved to search deeper into my cabinets and let go of much more.


Then the task of building my desire arose.  Is this the dominating obsession of my life?  Do my other daily needed tasks make me squeeze my time until I have very little left for this desire to be successful in my business?


I need a way to keep this foremost in my mind and ran across comments from various people.  This one from Talha Ahmed, Editor at Daily Times on March 4, 2019 made a lot of sense to me and I’m beginning to use it to strengthen my desire and narrow my focus to my MAIN desire.  He suggests:

“To have a strong desire for anything (money, health, self-esteem), two things must be focused on and these two factors must become part your memory (habitual thinking):

  1. Risk (of not having it)

  2. Reward (benefits of having it)

Risks and Benefits are what make a person create a strong desire for anything.

These two principals are the foundation for a strong desire. Without them on your mind, no teachings, training, self-help, and no guru can help you.

How shall I practice it?

  1. Keep a journal

  2. List the risks of not having it, ponder over them, feel the risks

  3. List the rewards/benefits: Dwell on the benefits and explain why they are necessary and how much you want them.

  4. Keep repeating it until the risks and reward for your goal become part of your memory….(i.e. Self-Talk)

  5. As this new information (risks and rewards) filters down your memory each day, you will automatically begin to move toward your goal/wish.”


This has confirmed to me what I need to do and inspired me to keep focused on my goal and to put blinders on regarding any distractions.  I know I can strengthen my focus, self-confidence and have success through identifying the risks & rewards and by reading them daily and by increasing my Self-Talk.  I have pledged to act on these tools immediately.


Thank you so very much Linda and Michael Dlouhy for this Master Mind group.  It helps me to know & accept what I must do for success in my business… and in life.  I thank all who participate in any way.


Kay Young

Superior, CO