Think & Grow Rich Lessons
Kay Young Superior, CO, US

Posted: 2022-07-27

Think and Grow Rich – Chapter 1                            July 27, 2022

Thoughts are Things


Hill shows examples of situations where thoughts become things and then toward the end of the lesson makes the following comment, “Before you read the next chapter, I want you to know that it conveys factual information which might easily change your entire financial destiny..." This comment truly peaks the reader’s interest and also requires a constant focus on every principle within its covers.


As I have been practicing these principles, it is almost overwhelming to realize that our future in every part of our life depends on conquering the negative thoughts in our minds.


As I continue to work on this practice, a fun topic came up this morning as I was helping my husband load the car before going on his appointments.  He spoke of hoping the customers would be at home and be serious about his products.

I mentioned, “Well, at least it’s sunny.”

He replied, “Yes, Sunny and Hot!” 

Proud of myself, I said with a smile, “Yes, Sunny and Beautiful!”   He smiled, knowing what I was trying to do. 

This was not meditation, thinking of a great desire or a defined goal, it was simply a change to a positive perspective and lifted us both out of the focus on the heat.  That’s a great start to being open to the steps Hill will teach us later throughout his book.


A far greater challenge to stay positive is being met here in my community in Superior, Colorado, where 1084 families totally saw their homes change from beautiful places to live into a chimney and a burnt car & are still rebuilding their lives after the Dec 30,2021 fire.  Sixteen of them are 1 block from our home.  In nearly 7 months, the properties are now finally just flat dirt.  Most homes were underinsured and they may not reclaim their property.  It is a huge struggle for them, but they are being supported by our Town government, each other and all of us in the community.  Even though it is extremely difficult, most are staying positive.



If we can become or remain  positive in all our present and future challenges as we incorporate these coming steps from Napoleon Hill,  It will be fun, exciting, and filled with success!.



Thanks to Linda and Michael Dlouhy for giving us this time and space to reflect on our “little” thoughts as we commence assimilating the characteristics needed for success in every area of our lives, regardless of the many times we may need to reread this book. Thanks for each of your shared expressions in lessons and comments that provide an environment for each of us to progress more fully.


Kay Young

Superior, Colorado