Think & Grow Rich Lessons
Ben Drake West Ryde, NSW, Australia

Posted: 2022-07-27

I am needing to redirect my thoughts towards achieving the physical health that I have spent Years with my energy being focused on many different areas, trains, holidays, family and a number of others. Its learning to be focused and committed to my own physical health. Stopping letting others beliefs, thoughts and opinions run my life.
It’s time to become healthier and stronger than I am now. I am stronger than was, faster and better at swimming. 
Thank you so much my amazing friends from mentoring for free for your friendship, love and support. Thank you so much to Ken klemm for being that amazing mentor needed. Thank you so much to my amazing wife for life.
Your friend and mentor for Life,
Big hugs my friends
Ben Drake
West ryde nsw Australia
Helping families to live better lives