Think & Grow Rich Lessons
Nathan Grimes Lubbock, TX, United States

Posted: 2022-07-14

Chapter 15-How to Outwit the Six Ghosts of Fear

“If you demand riches, determine what form, and how much will
be required to satisfy you. You know the road that leads to
riches. You have been given a road map that, if followed, will
keep you on that road. If you neglect to make the start or
stop before you arrive, no one will be to blame, but YOU. This
responsibility is yours. No alibi will save you from accepting
the responsibility if you now fail or refuse to demand the riches
of Life, because the acceptance calls for but one thing--
incidentally, the only thing you can control--and that is a state
of mind
A state of mind is something that one assumes. It cannot
be purchased it must be created.” Napoleon Hill

State of Mind is defined as the psychological state of someone
cognitive processes at a certain time, the condition or character
of a person’s thoughts or feelings.

In the first Hill state that one and the only thing we can absolutely
control is our state of mind. What we allow the mind to focus on
is what we will receive every time.

Michael Dlouhy tells the story of the man who focused on recruiting
a diamond in his business. He did end up getting someone who did work
in a diamond mine, not someone who developed into a diamond distributor.

I regularly have to force myself to take a soul-shaking look at the
man in the mirror this week. This chapter caused me to look into shadows behind
in corners of my mind and I sometimes don’t like what I saw. There, lurking
in the corners are the ghosts of fears which keep showing their ugly
heads. It is up to me to shine the light of truth on these ghosts and
reveal that they are just false images.

For most of my life, I constantly found myself fighting the ghost of
criticism. Being self-conscious of what others might thank of me,
even feeling inferior or not good enough.  Today I choose to apply
with Michael Dlouhy has repeatedly told us “It’s none of my business
what others think of me, my only business is what I think of myself.”

Most people can look back on their life’s trail and find deep ruts,
These ruts we have left when we drag our feet because of indecision,
doubts, worries, and procrastination. I have two words for all of us
STOP IT”. I now listen to that quiet voice of Infinite Intelligence,
God as I understand,  ‘I’m ready to bless you.”  As Hill says, ‘If you
neglect to make the start, or stop before you arrive, no one will be to
blame, but YOU. This responsibility is yours.’”

Thanks to Linda and Michael Dlouhy for showing me I can dispel all the
ghosts of fear with the light of accurate truth. Thanks for all the support
​from my partner at Mentor for Free.

Nathan Grimes