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Kay Young Superior, CO, US

Posted: 2022-07-13

Think and Grow Rich Chapter14                                                                                                                July 13, 2022

The Subconscious Mind


A parent, C Vincent, shares some experiences, some of which may be common to many of us:

“I always sense when my older daughter is about to visit and will say ‘Sissy will be here soon’ usually 2–5 mins before she arrives. Her visits are random and I can't hear her car or anything. No idea how to explain that.

I am constantly finding I will text my kids that have moved out of home at the exact minute a text then comes from them - after I've started typing. Possibly explainable by subtle frequency from a mobile signal but not until they have pressed send I’d have thought?

I randomly get people a drink or pass them a pen or something and they reply ‘How did you know I wanted that?   Not even when it would be expected they would feel thirsty such as after hard work, or when they are doing an activity that requires a pen etc.”


Hill tells us “Through the aid of the sixth sense, you will be warned of impending dangers in time to avoid them, and notified of opportunities in time to embrace them.”  That was the experience of the unnamed High School girl.



An anonymous High School girl tells the story of going with friends to a park they had been warned not to visit.  She stayed with the bicycles while the others explored a nearby building.  She felt a strong feeling to look behind her and finally listened to the prompting.  A man was across the street, coming her way.  She jumped on her bike and road as fast as she could.  Looking back, she saw that he was chasing her.  She moved out of his space and went home.  A couple weeks later as her parents watched the news, his picture was on the TV as one who was kidnapping young teenagers.  She now listens to every prompting.


Napoleon Hill mastered the 6th Sense on purpose by creating his Mastermind Group of previously great men.  His deliberate conferences with them helped him create Think & Grow Rich, which has made him famous.


I felt that the 6th Sense guided me to Mentoring for Free.  My thoughts about the Network Marketing industry were pretty negative, due to many rough experiences over 50 years and 10 companies.  However, the determination and consistency of Michael’s program resending the message to download Michael’s eBook kept nagging at me until, on about the 7th offer, I finally downloaded it and everything has changed since then.


In my Network Marketing businesses, I can develop this through mu daily autosuggestion and meditation using visualization to actually SEE myself where I want to be.  It is also most important that I have faith and listen for promptings, so I can begin to recognize them as they are given to me.

Thanks to Linda and Michael Dlouhy for forging this path on their own and giving me an example of what I’m to do.  Thanks for having faith in me.  Thanks to those of you who walk this path with me.


Kay Young

Superior, Colorado.