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Jill Freelen Pine Grove, CA, United States

Posted: 2022-07-13

Jill Freelen Pine Grove, California USA


Chapter 14 The sixth sense


Self- suggestion is a powerful factor in building character, that it is, in fact, the sole principle through which character is builded. Napoleon Hill  

This chapter Hill puts Great emphasis  on the importance of how we think about ourselves, how we talk to ourselves about ourselves. And he
reminds us when we create habits of positive thinking we will stay expectant to bringing our desires to reality.

I'm currently working on learning to relax. Making a concentrated effort to rid myself of unnecessary stress and worry.  When we let things
bother us or negative people and situations influence us,  the result is tension and then fatigue. To prepare for mind development one has
to be in a relaxed state, only then can one receive messages and or communicate with infinite intelligence. 

Sometimes I notice while driving I'll resolve a problem or get ideas on how to handle difficult situations because I've been able to quiet my mind.
Or in the morning when it's quiet things will flash into my mind, when no one is talking and when I'm relaxed. 

I don't want to carry grudges, I do my best to forgive people that have wronged me.  My aim is to concentrate and focus on the good things to

come in my life and leave the past in the past. When I catch myself over analyzing what I could have, should have or would have done in
situations I ask myself "is this something I have control over"?

I am assertive, standing up for my beliefs, and my feelings while being careful not to offend others and keeping others in consideration.

Thank you Michael Dlouhy and all the mentors on these weekly calls. My life has improved so much and I'm very grateful.

Jill Freelen

Only idle minds are upset by pretty annoyances and minor situations.