Think & Grow Rich Lessons
Nathan Grimes Lubbock, TX, United States

Posted: 2022-07-07

Chapter 14-The Sixth Sense

You are sitting at a traffic light that just turned green, but
something tells you don’t go yet. About that time someone runs
through the red light and that hesitation saves your life.
Another time you are taking a lab test and you see two of the
star basketball players sharing answers and a quiet voice tells
you to say something to the professor. You do say something and
come find out the class was being watched to see who participated
and who would speak up. These are both examples of the action of
the Sixth Sense at work.

Hill says, “The sixth sense is that portion of the subconscious
mind which has been referred to as the Creative Imagination. It
has also been referred to as the "receiving set" through which
ideas, plans, and thoughts flash into the mind. The "flashes"
are sometimes called "hunches" or "inspirations."

“The sixth sense defies description! It cannot be described to a
person who has not mastered the other principles of this philosophy,
because such a person has no knowledge and no experience with which
the sixth sense may be compared. Understanding of the sixth sense
comes only by meditation through mind development from within. The
sixth sense probably is the medium of contact between the finite
mind of man and Infinite Intelligence, and for this reason, it is
a mixture of both the mental and the spiritual
. It is believed to
be the point at which the mind of man contacts the Universal Mind.”

For years I have looked upon the Sixth Sense as the work of God’s
Holy Spirit work in my heart, mind, and soul. I have found the words
from this chapter confirms everything I believe and hold to.  I know
it is with the aid of the sixth sense, that I have been warned of
impending dangers in time to avoid them and notified of opportunities
in time to embrace them. It is a fact the Sixth Sense has been my
"guardian angel" who is open to me at all times to the wisdom and
secure path for everything has for me.

I choose to find, listen to, and follow those real-life heroes of faith,
success, love, patience, joy, and prosperity. Just as Hill sought the
wisdom of his imaginary council I have chosen to do the same. I call on
Abraham to be a witness of obedient trusting faith, asking Joseph to show
me how to endure the challenges of life knowing something better is coming,
allowing David to walk through the path to being a faithful leader even
with my shortcoming. Others I look to are Charles Lindbergh, Mahatma Gandhi,
Ronald Reagan, and Billy Graham, are all whose lives show the path of 
commitment, consistency, patience, and persistence.

 “Our Creator has given us five senses to help us survive threats from the
the external world, and a sixth sense, our healing system, to help us survive
internal threats.” Bernice Siegel

Many thanks to Linda and Michael Dlouhy for your continual encouragement,
support, and presence as living advisers on my counsel. I also thank everyone
who participates in the weekly call and provides support to me and my counsel
with your wisdom.

Nathan Grimes

PS: “Faith is a kind of sixth sense which works in cases which are without
‚Äčthe purview of reason” Mahatma Gandhi.