Think & Grow Rich Lessons
Jill Freelen Pine Grove, CA, United States

Posted: 2022-03-30

March 25th 2022

Jill Freelen Pine Grove California USA

Chapter 14 The sixth sense


This chapter we get a small glimpse into the personal life of Napoleon Hill and
how the principles laid down in this book affected his own life and his character.

Our own guiding system or guardian system, our intuition. Interesting that Hill
used his creative imagination to bring only those characters he admired into his
private counsel.

In time of need he was able to draw ideas from this counsel through his intuition.
This was genius, from this imaginary counsel he received accurate knowledge,
encouragement to creative endeavor, and emboldened the expression of honest

Hill states he owes full credit for his ideas, facts and knowledge he received as
inspirations from his invisible counsel. Also he kept this to himself (his counsel)
to avoid judgment and being misunderstood. Eventually with maturity the fear of
judgment no longer existed and he divulged his experience in his book.

I'll never forget, It was a Wednesday morning, I woke up early feeling out of sorts.
I began to cry uncontrollably. I tried to go about my normal morning routine, but
all I could think about was my dog. For me, dogs are family members as much as

I could feel something was terribly wrong with my 2 year old bullmastiff, Buddy.? 
A month prior I had to leave Buddy with a friend while I secured a place to live. I
couldn't leave him in my car while I was at work, It was summer time and too hot.

I couldn't stop crying. I really felt something was wrong so I threw on some clothes
and out the door I went. As I approached the house I spotted him, not in his pen
where he should have been,  but running around loose. I quickly turned my car around,
opened the door and he jumped in. On our way out we passed  the animal control vehicle.
I intercepted him just in time. I was so glad I followed my intuition.

About a year ago I received a call from my dad at 12:00am, this would be 2:00am Texas
time. He said “are you ok”?  He heard my voice calling for help and it woke him. Although
I was in no physical danger, I had been strugling with a difficult decision. I like to think
that he intuitively felt this because we are in harmony.

At times I have tried to ignore or go against my own intuition, with great difficulty and regret.
I want to note here that the uncomfortable feeling we get when we are challenging ourselves
to change and to grow is very different from the uncomfortable feeling of ignoring our intuition.

It is realized in the results. With one you will have a new attitude and new perceptions,
the other will leave you with self doubt, regret and the feeling of complete disharmony.

Follow your intuition !!!!

Thank you Michael and Linda, I'm so thankful and grateful for my Dad, and everyone
participating in these calls.

Jill freelen