Think & Grow Rich Lessons
Tuula Rands West Kelowna, British Columbia, Canada

Posted: 2022-03-28

On Nov 14, 2015 I posted the following lesson on "The Sixth Sense".

"As Hill tells us in this chapter the sixth sense is the receiving 
set of our creative imagination.  It is where we receive ideas,
plans and thoughts which we call hunches or inspirations.

We understood from the beginning of this book that “thoughts 
are things” and we attract what we think about by controlling 
our mind by what we say and how we say it.

Think of our mind as a box and clothing as the thoughts we have.  
If we take a pile of clothes and just throw them into the box, 
nothing is folded or rolled with care but just tossed in, and we squash 
the lid down because there are too many clothes and they don’t all fit 
in properly so some of the clothes stick out of the box.  It would just 
look a mess.  

When we don’t control our thoughts our thoughts are like those clothes 
just thrown in the box – no control, no aim, just helter skelter.

Now if we take that same box and take each piece of clothing and 
fold them carefully because they are precious to us and place them 
into the box in nice neat rows one on top of the other, they fill the box
in a properly ordered pattern and things are neat and as we close the 
box, the box is full but the lid fits perfectly with nothing out of place.
If our self talk is like the first box all thrown together without any care, 
our thoughts will be the same just thrown together without care and 
what we attract will be everything and anything and maybe none 
of it will be beneficial to us.

Should we be careful in how we craft our self talk and how we say 
it every day, just like we packed the second box, our thoughts will 
be focused and centered and we will attract things that benefit our 
goals and desires.

In simple terms just think the right thoughts and the right things 
will come and happen in our life.

Our sixth sense is fed by our creative imagination as we receive the 
hunches and inspirations.  The kind of hunches and inspirations we 
receive are determined by the manner in which we pack our “thought box” 
because “thoughts are things” and negative thoughts will attract negative 
things and positive thoughts will attract positive things."

Gisele Bundchen has stated "The more you trust your intuition, the more 
empowered you become, the stronger you become, and the happier you become."

Tuula Rands