Think & Grow Rich Lessons
George Freelen Hondo, TX, United States

Posted: 2022-03-27


The Sixth Sense is the apex of the philosophy of Thinking & Grow Rich. It becomes clear when mixed with and understood through the 13 principles in the book. The 13 principles are: 

Thoughts are Things, Desire, Faith, Auto-Suggestions, Specialize Knowledge, Imagination, Organize Planning, Decisions, Persistence, Power of the Master Mind, The Mystery of Sex Transmutation, The Subconscious Mind, and the Brain.

Once we understand these principles and use them with our creative imagination, then our lives have a solid track to run on. We can think, receive thought, and make decisions that will direct our lives in a fashion we could only dream of without proper use of the 13 principles. 

A quote from Earl Nightingale's book - if you find yourself depressed and down at the mouth, as we all get once in a while, you might want to remember the quote by hey do you work Dean Briggs. "Do you work. Not just your work and no more, but a little more for the lavishing sake, that little more which is worth all the rest. And if you suffer as you must and if you doubt as you must, do your work. Put your heart into it and the sky will clear. And then out of your very doubt and suffering will be born the supreme joy of life. Believe it or not, in an age where we've come to nearly deify leisure time, we have virtually lost sight of the fact that nearly all of our satisfaction and rewards will come not from our leisure, but from our work. 

We become what we think about.

Thanks Michael and Linda Dlouhy and the participants in Mintoring For Free as we create a better and more productive life.

George Freelen

Hondo, Texas