Think & Grow Rich Lessons
Michael Grant Simon Stillwater, Minnesota, United States

Posted: 2022-01-12



According to Hill,“ Faith, Love, and Sex are the most powerful of all major positive emotions.” Sex is biological, which is discussed more in a future lesson.  Love and Faith are on the spiritual end of the spectrum. When these emotions are mixed life ingredients in a blender, they connect and communicate between finite mind and infinite intelligence.


All thoughts mixed are emotionalized and begin to translate themselves into the physical equivalent. In the case of wealth, is monetary. 


This weekend I was at our annual kickoff meeting, which was hosted by our North American Director, Art Jonas. The primary theme was goal setting and making this year and beyond a great year and jump-start towards our dreams.  The first exercise was writing down our wants.  Once I got started I kept going.   Some may view an individual’s Wants as narcissistic or plain selfish.   Now there are the select few in this world.  For example, just look at the DC Beltway.  Most, however, are not selfish.  Many is to take care of their families, other loved ones, and charities. 



This starts with being debt free, then saving, then supporting, and in the endplay and luxury.  That is the way my wants were listed.  First was debt free, setting a legacy for my daughter, other investments, ideal home in the right place, and finally the luxuries.   Once we got our minds rolling, we took a look at how much money this would take. Then at the end this helped set up the goal mindset of what to shoot for this year and beyond.


Now goals are great and should stretch ourselves.  In other words challenge one self.  One, however, has no little or no chance if they have no belief, in other words, faith in themselves.  Being in that room then talking to Art over lunch gave strengthened the belief in myself. 


I have the positive thoughts, desire, and the faith to do this thing.  There, as well were plenty in the room who have achieved desired levels. Great!  Besides Art, no one appear super polished, they, however, had simply done more work than I have.  That is another tool that has refreshed my confidence and belief in myself.


Faith is strengthened by what we listen to, read, and who we associate with. Once again, do what Michael Says, Stay away from the News! Art among many other leaders encourage reading the right books. Some you need to review and read more than once.  Hills book, is one of the many. Lastly is association with the right people. Ones that enhance you, lift you, influence you, so you can grow.  Stay the heck of the way from the Debbie Downers.  This includes some in your family.  I have a few of those and try to keep them at a distance.  As much as possible anyway.  Debbie Downer friends.   Dump them! Well at least minimize contact. Encourage them, love them, and then separate till they change.

Besides my five-pillar company, I associate with a number of people in other companies. People that are growing and uplifting to me.  Mentoring For Free is one of those places.  Thank you Michael and Linda Dlouhy for this program. Thank you Richard Burnett for reaching out to me.  Thank you to everyone on the calls.


Second Corinthians five verse number seven.


For we walk by faith, not by sight, within our confident belief in God’s Promises.”



Michael Simon