Think & Grow Rich Lessons
Kay Young Superior, CO, US

Posted: 2021-12-15

Think and Grow Rich - Chapter 14                                    December 15, 2021      The Sixth Sense, the Door to the Temple of Wisdom


“Being an earnest student of psychology, I knew, of course, that all men have become what they are, because of their DOMINATING THOUGHTS AND DESIRES. I knew that every deeply seated desire has the effect of causing one to seek outward expression through which that desire may be transmuted into reality. I knew that self-suggestion is a powerful factor in building character, that it is, in fact, the sole principle through which character is builded.” NH


This time through Think and Grow Rich, as I have mentioned before, I am searching for what I will do with each chapter to strengthen my own growth through the subject of the chapter, today, the sixth sense.  As I have analyzed my own daily activities, I have realized that there are usually three categories for my actions and use of my time.  The first is the routine work:  cooking, washing clothes, cleaning, etc…things done regularly without any thought of my overriding desires.  The second include project and other work activities for my business or church assignments.  The third and less frequented by me, are the most important.  These include strengthening my desired life.  These include the planning, believing and building the life of my dreams, that which I truly desire.


It became obvious to me that this third area is the MOST important and is presently receiving the least time in my day.  Because of this, I have decided to follow Hill’s path by creating my own Imaginary Council meetings as he did.  As Hill was the head of his council, so will I be.  Since I believe that Jesus Christ knows me well, He will be one of the leading members.  Other leaders will be determined as my needs unfold.  I believe that through studying their lives, challenges and solutions, I will feel their strength and wisdom growing in me.  They will guide me to overcome my habit of procrastination and build my confidence to succeed.  I will feel comfortable asking them questions and hearing their answers.


This counseling circle is really exciting to me and builds energy that is spurring me onto action, something I have needed for the success of my business.  Already, I can feel the reality of my dreams coming true.


The sixth sense is not foreign to me.  It has been active in my life for many years, but never concerning the concept of success in my business.  I think I’ve been in this group 3 or 4 years now and the new spark of joy is just now coming to me. 


I thank Michael and Linda Dlouhy for their patience with me and their diligence and inspiration in creating this program.  Before Mentoring For Free, I did not look like a failure.  I had a fair measure of success, but did not feel like a success.  If any of you are newer in the group and want to receive the benefit of our mastermind…STAY.  The work and benefits for me did not come, even in the first year.  They will not come as strongly until you give of yourself and write lessons.  Finally, I began writing lessons, accepting my weaknesses and grew in confidence and in belief in myself from all here who are humble enough to do this continuous work on themselves.  My thanks to you as well.


Kay Young

Superior, Colorado