Think & Grow Rich Lessons
George Freelen Hondo, TX, United States

Posted: 2021-10-19

My imagination is my greatest assest. When used it can and will turn thoughts into things.

Things you desire, things you dream of, things that you may have thought impossible, but

only in your thoughts. In your imagination they can and will become a realty. The creative imagination 

has direct communition with Infinite Intelligence. The greatest thing about Creative Imagination is

that the more it is used the stronger if becomes. 

Jim Kwik point out in his book 'Limitless -upgrade your brain, learn anything faster, and unlock 

your exceptional life', that our minds, our creative imagination is our greateat wealth building 

assest. Our imaginative faculty may become weak through inaction. It can be revived and made alert

with use. Once we put our imagination to work and generate plans for our business, a transformation 

takes place, turning our plans into money. The moment we complete this, we have definitely given 

concrete form to this intangible desire. That is using our imagination, making things tangible.


Thanks to Michael and Linda Dlouhy and everyone who participate in MMF.


George Freelen

PS. Anything less than a conscious commitment to the important is an unconsicous commitment to the