Think & Grow Rich Lessons
Kristen Burnett Fairhope, Alabama, United States

Posted: 2021-10-06

For this lesson, my thought process worked backwards. 


Hill says that you have to mix emotion and faith with your desire to do something. If you don’t have any emotion behind it, why do you want it? And if you don’t want it that much, if at all, why are you spending time on it?


This really puts many things into perspective for me. It helped me give a moment of thought to things I could weed out that I’m not doing for myself, but rather, for others. 


It’s sometimes hard to emotionalize something you want, because it makes it more “fragile” in a sense and harder to face criticism or setbacks. But as Hill says, it’s absolutely necessary for the Universe bringing it to pass for you. Faith is also really hard to have, when even though you feel like you are determined to have something, you simultaneously cannot visualize yourself overcoming your current barriers. 


This lesson has taught me that I need to be a lot more clear with my mission. I’ve already been making great efforts to not put things off till a “better time” because as life up to this point has taught me, there is no such thing. I feel I need to be more descriptive when I write out my plans, speak them to myself in the mirror and even pray them out. I wish to believe in my reasons and purpose in doing so so much that I won’t actually be able to lose the faith. 


All of these things, the desire, faith and emotion all come together, but they seem to come in an odd order sometimes, and whatever way we get obtain them is acceptable and good. Because the more we are able to mix these things together at any given time, the more we might wake up each new day to find God/ the Universe leaping over massive obstacles and blessing us with things we have asked for. 


Thanks to  Michael and Linda for dedicating your time and efforts in helping us have realizations and encouragement as we go through this book.