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Kay Young Superior, CO, US

Posted: 2021-10-06

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In May of 1969, my husband, Jay, and I drove from Denver to Kansas City, MO with our 1st son, who was one week old.  We had just purchased a franchise for the Evans Learning Center.  We taught nonreaders to read through Dr. Evans’ method and taught classes in all subjects for students of all school ages and beyond using behavioral modification.  We also held classes in high schools and in our school to adults in Evelyn Wood Reading dynamics, a skill for rapid reading.

As we were in the school one evening, an older gentleman named Forest entered and asked us if he could use our facility to teach hypnotism to dentists.  He had been a carnival hypnotist and they were the most skilled to teach dentists how to use hypnotherapy.  When he asked what we would charge, we said it would only cost him a ticket to the class for each of us.  This allowed us to be trained for12 weeks in great depth in the use of hypnotherapy.

I thought it might help at least someone to know a little bit about how to use the relaxation method prior to hypnotism to connect with our subconscious minds and cement our desires into our subconscious minds.  This method can be used morning and/or evening in a quiet place in your home.


Relaxation Method  -  do not practice while driving  :)

Start by sitting comfortably in a chair or lounge chair in a quiet palce.  Be sure every part of your body is comfortable. 

Take a very deep breath which may even make you yawn and sink deeper into your chair, closing your eyes as you exhale.   Continue long breaths relaxing your eyelids even more each breath.  Continue with this until, though you know you could open your eyes, you are so relaxed that you don’t want to. 

Next with eyes gently but firmly closed breathe relaxation into each body part separately:  forehead, eyebrows, cheek bones, jaw, neck, shoulders, arms, fingers, chest, back, bottom, thighs, calfs and feet.

At this point, you will be totally present and inside your subconscious mind.  In this deeply relaxed state, enjoy seeing yourself with all the success you desire in your network marketing company.  Visualize your check deposit going into your account in the amount you desire, feel the confidence of having built a successful tem and notice their faith in you to help them do the same.  Just relish in feeling the joy in the fruits of your labors.  Take lots of time here.

When you are ready, take another deep breath and as you exhale, wiggle your fingers & toes slowly.  Stretch your arms, face, back and hands.  Very slowly open your eyes and, with a smile, realize that you have just seen what is coming into your life.  Continue “as if” it were already here.  

Shortcut:  After you have been in this deep state a few times, try using the word “green” as a trigger to achieve this relaxation.  Simply sit down, relax, take a deep breath and as you exhale, say (verbally or non-verbally) the word “GREEN” and associate it with the deepest relaxation you have ever felt.  You may need to say it through a few breaths, but your body will remember the signal. This is a great way to communicate with your subconscious mind.  Continue to use repetition as you state your affirmations throughout the day and ground it with these 2 special times in morning and/or evening.

Thanks so much Linda and Michael for this format to share ideas and thoughts.  It has really been helpful to me and I know to others.  Thanks to those of you on this trail with me.  You make it easier!

Kay Young

Superior, Colorado