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Tuula Rands West Kelowna, British Columbia, Canada

Posted: 2021-09-13

On July 24, 2009 I posted

"Thoughts on Chapter 1

Barnes dream began with a burning desire to work with Edison. 
He had some obstacles to overcome but they did not stop him.  
He was not worried about what other people thought and the
fact that he had to travel  “blind baggage” to get to where Edison was.
When he got there he did not sabotage himself by self talk of defeat.
Looking like an ordinary tramp did not stop him.  He knew what he
wanted and according to what Mr. Edison said years later “the
expression of his face conveyed the impression that he was
determined to get what he came after. “

Then we have the little black girl who would not take “no” for an
answer.  She also knew what she wanted and was able to convey
the fact that she was determined to get what she came for.  She
did not let the fact that she was a little girl and her request had to
be given to a man stop her, nor did she let the fact that he refused
a number of times stop her, she just shouted her request louder
until he gave her the fifty cents she needed.

Am I that determined?  Do I see what I want so badly that I will
do what ever it takes or am I  so used to my  circumstances that
I settle for what I have?  There are days where I believe nothing
can stop me and then I have days where it seems that everything
is there to get in my way.   I realize I am the only one that can
change my life, my circumstances and my thoughts.  Everything
I do begins with a thought. 

 It is such a simple thing, to think.  We have done it all our lives
and most of us don’t even consider what effect it has on us.  
Every minute of our lives is controlled by our thoughts and until
we are educated to be critical thinkers we go about our day not
realizing the power we have within us to change anything and everything
just by our thoughts.  How “fearfully and wonderfully we are made” the Bible says.

We have been given a life of choice. We choose every minute what we will
do and become by the thoughts we allow to enter our minds and then what
we allow to stay and dominate our thinking. 

I want to thank the process of the Mentoring For Free system that
you have set up Michael and Linda for helping all of us become critical
thinkers.  Yes it is there to help us be critical thinkers when it comes to 
companies, comp plans, systems, etc.  but it most importantly teaches us
to think for ourselves so that we can become what we were meant to become.

Tuula Rands

e. e. cummings  "It takes courage to grow up and become who you really are."