Think & Grow Rich Lessons
Michael Dlouhy Brooksville, Florida, USA

Posted: 2021-09-09

Chapter 1 : Thoughts Are Things.

The first time I read Think and Grow Rich was over 50 years ago, I have personally whitnessed
people speak their Reality Into Existance my entire life, I could give You thousands of stories to 
prove this FACT.

Chapter 1 is titled  "Thoughts Are Things. If we could just understand we are the only person in
the world that can create the Life we have always Dreamed of, by just "Speaking" our Life into
Reality by the way we think and speak.

While on vacation in northern Maine Linda's Uncle Donnie told us this story, when he was 14
years old while working in the potato house a song came on the radio, it was the First Time he
had ever heard this song.

These are the words he spoke ( 72 ) years ago. Someday I will learn to play the guitar and play
THIS song in front of an audience. Lind's Uncle was telling us how blessed we are, so I shared 
how we speak our Life into existance, good or bad.

The day before we left for Home Uncle Donnie played his amazing song for us, just like he has
played for Thousands of other people. He picked up a Guitar in his 30's and now at 86 Years
Young he Just "Realized" He"Spoke His Reality Into Existance" 72 Years Ago.

Several years back Linda and I were talking about our up-coming 50th wedding anniversary.

During this conversation I said it would be amazing if we found a 1959 Ford Thunderbird, baby
blue exterior with a light and datk blue interior, just like the car I owned when we started dating
when Linda was 15 and I was 16 years old.

We had not seen a 1959 Ford Thunderbird, baby blue exterior with a light and datk blue interior
driving on the road for several decades maybe even 30 to 40 years. Several weeks after our first
conversation about the car while returning home south on US Highway 41 a Baby Blue 1959 Ford
Thinderbird heading North on US Highwat 41 turned Left in fromt of me at the trafic light.

There was a for sale sign in the back passenger side window facing me when he turned in front of
me,  I followed him into the grocery store parking lot where he and I made a deal to buy his 1959
Ford Baby Biue Thunderbibd.

When I asked him WHY he was selling the car he shared this with me, the first date he and his wife
went on decades ago was a Baby Blue 1959 Ford Thunderbird, he was just diagnosed with a deadly
case of Cancer and the prognoses was not promising so he did Not want his wife to deal with selling
this very special car when he was no longer here to sell it

This only difference between these two stories was the vived vivid details missing in the first story.

See Uncle Donnie told us the title of the song, the artists name that sang the song the year he herd
the song and the "Brand" of guitar used when the artist played the song the First time he experienced
the aong when he was 14 years old.

When Linda and I first talked about the first car I had on our First date it was described "Exactly" like
the first car a Baby Blue 1959 Ford Thunderbird with the light and dark blue interior

More to come