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Michael Dlouhy Brooksville, Florida, USA

Posted: 2021-07-26

Fortunes gravitate to men whose minds have been prepared to “attract” them, just as surely
as water gravitates to the ocean. In this book may be found all the stimuli necessary to “attune”
any normal mind to the vibrations which will attract the object of one’s desires.
If you find you are weak in PERSISTENCE, center your attention upon the instructions contained
in the chapter on “Power”; surround yourself with a “MASTER MIND” group, and through the
cooperative efforts of the members of this group, you can develop persistence. You will find
additional instructions for the development of persistence in the chapters on autosuggestion,
and the subconscious mind. Follow the instructions outlined in these chapters until your habit
nature hands over to your subconscious mind, a clear picture of the object of your DESIRE.
From that point on, you will not be handicapped by lack of persistence.
Your subconscious mind works continuously, while you are awake, and while you are asleep.
Spasmodic, or occasional effort to apply the rules will be of no value to you. To get RESULTS,
you must apply all of the rules until their application becomes a fixed habit with you. In no
other way can you develop the necessary “money consciousness.”
POVERTY is attracted to the one whose mind is favorable to it, as money is attracted to him
whose mind has been deliberately prepared to attract it, and through the same laws. POVERTY
THE MONEY CONSCIOUSNESS. A poverty consciousness develops without conscious application
of habits favorable to it. The money consciousness must be created to order, unless one is born
with such a consciousness.
Remember, How You Do Anything Is How You Do Everything.
The purpose of my post is to EXPOSE Yourself, to the REAL You. "mrd"

We Believe In You
Michael & Linda Dlouhy

Chapter 9 Persistence

.Your first test as to your persistence will come when you begin to follow
the six steps described in the second chapter especially the repeating of
your written statement aloud.

The shouts of praise went out to Thomas Edison for the creation of the electric
lightbulb, but would there have been that blub without Edison persistence
even after 10,000 failures. All of us are affected every day by a computer
or electronic device, but would we have such equipment if it had not been
for the persistence of Steve Jobs, Bill Gates, and Michael Dell in making
computer user-friendly.

Nathan Grimes


Hill writes "The ease with which lack of persistence may be conquered 
will depend entirely upon the INTENSITY OF ONE’S DESIRE."

Intensity in the dictionary means  "the magnitude of a quantity (such as force or energy)".

So it is the magnitude of our desire that will get us where we want to go.
Compare our desire with a pebble and measure it by its weight.  That measurement is
very small and can be moved out of place very easily.  But if we take a huge rock,
that meaurement is very big and will not be moved very easily.  

So it is with our desire.  If it is a pebble anything that comes along can divert
us from our purpose.  But if our desire is like the huge rock it will be immoveable.

If our desire is immoveable we will work on it every day, little by little.

As Dennis Waitley stated "Success is almost totally dependent upon drive and persistence. 
The extra energy required to make another effort or try another approach is the secret of winning."



The Greatest Forces Are Intangible!

When I was in high school, I don't remember  taking time to study Great People that had an impact
 on America. I don't remember having any discussions on Henry Ford, The Wright Brother's, Thomas

I don't remember having a discussion on their failures, their struggles, how they were able to over come
their failures. Thomad Edidon failed over 10,000 times before he came up with the elctric light bulb. 

I am sure our teacher would have been hit with the number one question. What kept Thomas Edison
from quiting? Why didn't he find another line of work?  

Napoleon Hill, started a journey back in the early 1900 to answer the question. How do successful people 
become successful? What keeps people from quitting?

He intervied 500 0f the riches people in the world, it took him over 20 years to write this book. 

Marty Roe

"The most essential factor is persistence - the determination never to allow your energy or
enthusiasm to be dampened by the discouragement that must inevitably come." James Whitcomb Riley

Burning Desire & Persistence conquers all. Abigail Dantzie

A burning desire will push you back up when you stumble or fall down. You will come up against a obstacle,
or a limitation, or even a pit; your burning desire will push you to overcome and keep on taking action, over
and over again using the state of mind, the habit of persistence.

Are you serious about your success? Persistence is one of the key tools for success. The starting point of
your achievement is Desire because a strong desire will fuel persistence.

"Persistence is a habit! Cultivate it."

Have you been defeated many times in your life and you are still walking forwards?

Then you have this essential key and as long as you keep on working it, you will succeed.

Abigail Dantzie

One needs to be persistent in their quest for financial freedom or anything that is life changing in a positive
way.  If one lacks persistence he or she will fail in the long haul.    With persistence you will win.

According to Hill, “Without persistence, you will be defeated, even before you start. With Persistence, you will win.”

I remember one of my swim coaches saying one time. To improve you need to work hard, plus you have
got to do it, day in and day out. Some days you will be flat out exhausted and do not feel that you can do
another lap.  Keep in mind why you are a swimmer and what you desire to accomplish. 

As Hill states, the lack of persistence can be from a lack of desire.

The same is no different for this business.  As said before the concept of Network Marketing is simple. 
Network Marketing, however, is not easy. Everybody here is involved with a five-pillar company.  We
offer great products or services, which can make a positive impact on the lives of many.  We as well
have an opportunity, which can help others gain more financial control and security for their families. 

.Michael Simon

You have worked hard to create relationships and friendships with those in Your life, it may of been a
happy birthday wish, a thank you for your like, posts asking daily questions, the weekly videos. You
know what You are going to build those friendships which you deserve just like you built that
relationship with Jenny those friendships are out there.

You’ve shared the book, you have done what you know. Yes it was all a test and its time to build those
friendships. It’s all been teaching you the value of friendships and who is a real friend. It’s been a
training ground now its time to go from there to build your empire with persistence and friendships aswell.

Ben Drake

There is an old saying persistence is key and you must adjust along the way or else you'll be delayed.

The people who were injured, lost their money and made a comeback got up. They plan, did reviewed adjusted.

Now it's your turn 

Lawrence Bergfeld"
If you give up before your goal has been reached, you are a quitter. 


This quote by Hill tells me everything I need to know about persistence. 

Never ever give up!Thanks to Linda and Michael Dlouhy for your persistence in creating this platform
and for just recently demonstrating it with the kitchen remodeling. And thanks to my friends and
mastermind partners, you still being here after all this time is one more example.

Rick Burnett