Think & Grow Rich Lessons
Michael Dlouhy Brooksville, Florida, USA

Posted: 2021-07-08

Chapter 7 : Organized Planning,

Since I have come to Mentoring for Free and Think and Grow Rich Lessons,
I have gained a greater understanding of being a follower and leader.
Among the lessons learned are:

(!) A leader leads by example as when there is no set path a leader blaze new trails and
|invites others to follow. Whereas most followers will remain idle until given explicit

(2) Being a leader calls for courage, decisiveness, and willingness to made hard decisions
for self and others.  Wishy-washy leaders are usually followers in wolves' clothing.

(3) Leaders have the enthusiasm and ready to get the job done, not the ho-hum Eeyore
syndrome of most followers waiting for someone to do the work for them.

(4) Leaders manifest a driving passion, not the waiting and seeing of many networkers.

Nathan Grimes

Over the past several years, I have dreamed of organizing a group of several people wishing
to plan their lives for living after the age of 80 (i.e. mastermind group). Trying to establish an
organized planning for this has proven to be difficult. My thoughts after reading this chapter,
why not put it in writing. Using Organized Planning and the QQS formula which means that
that quality, plus quantity, plus the proper spirit of cooperation.

Spirit of old age can be construed to mean that we may age in years, however our spirit does
not necessary age. If we are agreeable with habit of getting older in years, but not in spirit.
With organized planning we will find ourselves being more agreeable with ourselves and
other in our environment, we will find induced cooperation from family members, neighbors
and fellow older people. 

“If one has the personally which pleases and render a service of harmony, these assets will
often make up for the deficiencies in both quality and quantity of service one renders.” Napoleon Hill   

George Freelen

Some of the reasons people give for not wanting to do The Think & Grow Rich Lessons are:
1,  It  does not make me money and I want to make money quickly,
2.  I read that book years ago and it was a good book but it never helped me make money.
3.  I don't have time for that because I need to spend my time finding people to talk to about my business,
4.  I am too busy.   etc. etc. etc.  

Some of the things Michael Dlouhy has told us many times are "In order to make more, we have to
become more" and "You need personal development more than you need oxygen".   

If we want to be successful and we have never been successful, something has to change.  
As Michael has also said "How we do anything, is how we do everything."  If we don't change
our "anything" our "everything" will never change.

Tuula Rands

After being part of this Think And Grow Rich Lessons Master Mind a few years, I sometimes think
about how  nice it would have been to have had a Master Mind  program like this my jr and sr year
in high school. I would have come out of high school with a written out plan. 

The plan would most likely  go something like this. I am 18 years old! By the time I turn 30 years
of age I will have one Million dollars in the bank. Now I have to put a plan in 
place, I have to learn about money. How does money work?

What type of investments do I need? I need to learn about deductions. I need to fiend the right
people to help me, put a financial team together. I am sure I would have come across people who
would tell me to stick with the 40 year plan!

The people who become millionaires by 30, are lucky people! 

Marty Roe

There are a few ways to obtain large sums of money without planning or working for it.   The first
is an inheritance.  There is nothing wrong with inheritance and the bible has plenty of references
regarding taking care of your children. 

Most will do fine and be good stewards as long as they learn from their families the responsibility
of money and proper management.   A small percentage of people, however, are blessed with a
life changing inheritance.

The second way is be a gifted athlete or entertainer.  This can be a blessing to some and curse
to others.  Many athletes are bankrupt within a few years after their playing career is over.  There
are a few ones who had financial literacy before the first big paycheck, and know how to manage
their money. 

Michael Jordan is one.  Another is Jamal Mashburn, who was an All American at Kentucky and went
to have a successful NBA Career.  After retiring from basketball, Mashburn has launched a number
of successful business Ventures. 

There are some others, but most end up broke and destitute.   One example of Latrell Sprewell, a
former NBA player, earned around a hundred million dollars during his playing days.  He has essentially
lost everything including his home, which was foreclosed on.  Sprewell spent money as if his career
would never end.

This happens to approximately sixty percent of former NBA Players.

The percentage for the NFL is higher, where seventy eight percent go bust shortly after their career is over.

Bernie Kosar, a former All American Quarterback from the University of Miami and had a long career in the NFL. 
He went from making millions of dollars to less than a hundred dollars in his bank account within a short time
after his career ended. 

Kosar did make some real estate investments, which went south. Most likely there was not a well thought
out strategy and business plan. 

Michael Grant Simon

Henry Ford accumulated a fortune, not because of his superior mind, but because he adopted and
followed a PLAN which proved to be sound.
 A thousand men could be pointed out, each with a better
education than Ford’s, yet each of whom lives in poverty, because he does not possess the RIGHT plan
for the accumulation of money.

This really is all I need to know about Organized planning. If Ford had a limited education as he did but
was smart enough to put a plan together for all the info he needed ( the row of pushbuttons ) and utilizing
an assembly line to cut cost production all while making fools of the people trying to defame him, then the
higher education certainly wasn’t needed.

Thank you Linda and Michael Dlouhy for showing us Monday how using an organized list throughout
the day can help you accomplish more than you could even imagine.

Rick Burnett

It is one thing to have SKILLS but it is a DIFFERENT thing to use it. My company owners son who had a
conversation with Michael Dlouhy said on the Sunday call if you Fail to Plan you plan to fail. And Michael
Dlouhy mentioned you are 5x as more likely to get your work done if you are not doing one.

I started mine 2 days ago and more importantly when I had no phone services I made a list.

I have a female friend in my company whose a Diamond who says "Whatever you gotta do get it done!"
She is a blue who ate her bagel 🥯 with butter & jelly while driving! She took her products before working
out and says if you don't put the work in you don't deserve anything after she had food.

Everything she did in the heat. And the 3 points is that she made that don't worry about what other people
are doing "GET IT DONE", if you don't like something change it, last one: It is 10:00 AM already have you
crossed off stuff from your to do list!"

I met her a few times before pandemic and I am grateful to have her in my life because as a green I need
a blue like oxygen in my life!!!

Lawrence Bergfeld

You have had so many health challenges to overcome. The question is what is the plan for you to become
even healthier. It’s taken work and advice from those in your life to get where you are now. It’s finding those
who can help guide you aswell on the journey. Part of the journey is the mental game of beliefs and true
faith in achieving the physical health You seek

Ben Drake.


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