Think & Grow Rich Lessons
Kay Young Superior, CO, US

Posted: 2021-06-30

Think and Grow Rich –Chapter 5

Specialized Knowledge


Hill said, “SPECIALIZED KNOWLEDGE is among the most plentiful, and the cheapest forms of service which may be had!”

I’d say, GENERAL KNOWLEDGE is the stuff of Game Shows.


When I want Specialized Knowledge, it must be organized for a definite purpose, such as a hobby, a personal interest, but MORE OFTEN, for a way to create income.  Generally, a person would not delve fully into a course of study without a purpose.  This may be the hardest part of determining just WHAT type of Specialized Knowledge to look for.  It means determining what I want to learn, do and become.


In the past, I went to college and then taught English in Middle School.  There was a package of classes for that.   Later, I expanded and studied to teach Music in Elementary school, also another package of classes. 


Between the two, a friend asked me to partner with her to open a Skin Care Salon, which we did.  There are Special Training Courses, with a package of classes for that as well.


Though I enjoyed these careers, there was one thing I did not like…there was NO TIME FREEDOM!  As a mother of 5 boys, I wanted flexibility and turned to Network Marketing, an industry in which I had dabbled for many years with marginal results. 


Committing to Network Marketing opened the door to major requirements that are not well defined.  There was NO package of classes…only the school of hard knocks listening to the babble of one Successful person after another with their expensive training classes, books and tapes, using approaches that did not suite my personality.  Until Mentoring For Free, I wasn’t sure I could do it as I had been so beaten down in the past that I was leery of stepping back into the business.  Fortunately, I still believed in the concept. 


I found that Michael and Linda DLouhy have forged a path through the jungle of offers to teach us how to succeed.  In fact, I have finally learned after nearly 5 years with Mentoring for Free that these Think and Grow Rich lessons are a manditory MAJOR course needed in the curriculum of the Network Marketing Industry.  It amazes me how much better I am at expressing myself with my products.  Though I had naturally been a good writer and speaker, the thing that was different was happening inside of me. It is the level of confidence with which I now present my products and business opportunity.  You can’t buy a pill for that!


Beyond this spectacular Master Mind, Michael has put together the “Package of Courses” needed to succeed in the Network Marketing industry.  I didn’t have to do it, though I had tried for many years in and around my other work.


Mentoring For Free’s course includes: 1. Two Weekly Personal Development Classes uncovering the real me, 2. Two Weekly Skills Classes, 3. a weekly class in Color Personalities, so I can communicate more personally with my prospects and 4, a Website Library full of information 5.  And lastly, a weekly coaching call to allow me to check in with anything I question throughout the week directly with Michael.

Beyond this, for those who want more, Michael includes the Boot-Camp for free as well.


Here's one example of extra help I need:

There is a tool we are using more and more in Network Marketing that makes me wish I was 20 again and that is Social Media.  At 20, I would have had a totally different relationship with the media.  Well, I’m not 20 and to get this knowledge, I can go to my Mentoring for Free Skills calls & my MMF Mastermind Group.  They have directed me to YouTube, Leaders in our business, Google and even shared their own personal advice.


In Addition:  We are able to offer our business prospects the 3-step program of 1. Reading the eBook, Success in Ten Steps, 2. Listening to 3 Skills Calls and 3. The opportunity to have A PERSONAL phone call with Mr. Dlouhy, himself.  We can learn as he talks with our prospects and converse with him after the interview for tips about working with them.


Thanks so much to Linda and Michael for doing all this to help me become more successful in my own business.  I really appreciate the HUGE efforts you have made which help all of us.  Thanks, too, to those of you who are here and offer your “brilliance,” as Michael says.  You may never be aware of how much it helps me and all of us.


Kay Young

Superior, Colorado