Think & Grow Rich Lessons
Abigail Dantzie Brighton, East Sussex, United Kingdom

Posted: 2021-06-30



The Fourth Step toward Riches


I feel obliged to replicate from Marty Roe's lesson "The Greatest Forces Are Intangible!" becasue I love it so much and I want to remind myself of where it's most important to keep my focus .... 

In my view, the most valuable of the specialised knowledge available to us is our connection to the ether through the power of our subconscious minds. It is specialised knowledge that you are a powerful being and have the power to think and grow rich in whatever area of your life you choose and you can achieve your hearts desires. 

General knowledge reminds me of the term “Jack of all trades master of none” in relation to the fact that Millions go through school, college and university and graduate (many with top grades and flying colours) and hold the belief that they have acquired the specialised knowledge and skills necessary and are well equipped and on their way to create a life of their dreams. After all, they have spent many years studying hard and long! Little do they know, they are only trained for the bottom rung of the ladder to success and may never progress to the next or past the next becasue they are not specialists in that which they wish to achieve and miss the most vital, knowledge of the power within them and their connection to to the Great Intangiable forces all around them, and that these forces actually exist.

Sadly they are in the delusion that they are armed with the facts to take them quickly to success only to find out after many years of failure of moving past bottom, they were not trained in the specialised knowledge of work they are pursing and even worse were not given the most important knowledge they needed. They are not even aware the most important of all knowledge necessary even exists. They end up spending the largest part of their lives working hard when they could have instead worked smart and not hard. Most get sick and die before experiencing fulfilment of their dreams. 

I am so very grateful that I was invited to this mastermind group to join with all you other masterminds where I can learn the most specialised knowledge of all and how to apply it for success. 

Thank you.