Think & Grow Rich Lessons
Michael Grant Simon Stillwater, Minnesota, United States

Posted: 2021-06-30

Specialized Knowledge


Anybody here ever watched Jeopardy or likes Trivial Pursuit?   I have watched Jeopardy along with a friendly game of Trivial Pursuit on vacation.   Both Jeopardy and Trivial Pursuit have a wide range of questions. These go from easy to extremely difficult. Well difficult to me anyway. These questions do not pertain to my career or my leisure interest.   


In other words they do not pertain to my recreational interest and provide absolutely no financial compensation.  I have said in past lessons that there is nothing wrong with knowing a lot of trivia.  You can be a hit at a formal dinner party or possibly star on a game show like Jeopardy. 


Jeopardy winners can win some money and a few long -term champions have even earned over a million dollars.  This is great for them, but very few people will ever reach this level.


Another thing I have covered in the pass is a Liberal Arts Education.  My parents drilled in me that I needed to go to College if I wanted something out of life.  If not I would end up with some menial life in a dead end job.  They, as well encouraged me to go away to school and a small Liberal Arts College was the ideal thing to do.


I respected my father as a professional along with some long time family friends. They all appeared to be doing fine financially

So, I attended a Liberal Arts College in Minnesota, which Vetpreneur

had a great reputation in the Midwest, along with nice facilities, and the tour was great.


Liberal Arts was supposed to make a person well rounded. I was a business major with a number of course requirements. I, as well was required to take a whole lot of other courses, which had had nothing to do with my post college life. I did enjoy my history courses and ended up taking more. 


I actually learned how to think critically and structure an argument from these classes.  Most importantly History can teach the good and bad decisions of previous times. 


It is truly a shame that the cancel culture militia wants to remove a lot of this from public schools.  This not only hurts our current youth, but many generations to follow.


 I was required to take two classes in the arts: Arts Participation and Arts Appreciation.   I took Theatre, which was okay. Then I took Drawing.  I remember the drawing Professor telling me that I was not doing enough work on my drawings.  If I did not do more I would get a bad grade? 

I finally said. “Professor you see that I am not very good at this and I would never make a living being an artist.  I do not see any reason why I should spend so much time on something I am lousy and honestly do not like! Well I got a B minus in the class, which was fine.  Maybe he respected my honesty?  Do not know. 


The point I am making is many of these courses were a waste of time and money. 


I started calling Liberal Arts the Liberal Farce.  Take a whole lot of ones money for nothing in return!  This is the way I saw it anyway.


There are many issues that should be addressed in the current times.  I, however, am pleased to see that many of the youth of today are looking at other post high school options. Many are going into trades or Military Service.


I unfortunately was not born with the aptitude for many of the trades. I, however, would have joined the Service right out of High School if I had known better.   


In defense there is nothing wrong with a College Education, if you choose a specialty such as Engineering or Health Care. This specialty is a form of specialized knowledge.  A Liberal Arts Degree is nothing but a bunch of General Knowledge.


General Knowledge, as well will not guarantee success in Network Marketing. Your customers or partners will not join your business because you got an A in your College Geology Class.  This has nothing to do with their needs and will not make them successful.


We do not have to know everything to succeed in this industry. We, just need to pick a five-pillar company, ready to work, and be coachable. 


One advantage of Network Marketing has over the few Careers mentioned along with winning Jeopardy is we can make residual income. 


Jeopardy Champions may be invited back on the show, but I am not sure they will get a check monthly? 


Not to mention Jeopardy Champions will pay more than their fair share on their winnings!


The same goes for engineering or nursing.  You can earn a good wage by trading time for money, but the income will not be permanent.


Network Marketing has a lot of advantages, but is not easy. 


One needs a support network.  Mentoring for Free is the perfect place for this.  Thank you Michael and Linda Dlouhy for this wonderful program.  Thank you Rick for being such a great friend.  Thank you to everyone who participates on these calls. 


Proverbs Chapter Eighteen verse number fifteen, an intelligent heart acquires knowledge, and the ear of the wise seeks knowledge.”


Michael Simon