Think & Grow Rich Lessons
Michael Dlouhy Brooksville, Florida, USA

Posted: 2021-06-24

 Chapter 5 : Specialized Knowledge, 
Put gasoline in a can and just sit aside and you have a can of liquid substance.
As long as it is just staying in the can it is only a source of potential power.

But put the same gasoline into the tank of your car and draw the fuel into
the injection system of the car mixed with oxygen put under pressure and
ignite with a spark and you have real power at work. Such is all knowledge
be it general or specialized. Knowledge only becomes power after it is
organized, directed, and put into action.

Now, general knowledge no matter the amount and variation have little effect
on the accumulation of money. Sure general knowledge may help in playing
trivia or doing a crossword puzzle. Yes, there is a place for general knowledge,
if it becomes organized and wisely directed it is the starting point to the selection
and use of specialized knowledge.

For any knowledge to become specialized we are called to focus on the
necessary skills, create plans of actions with definiteness of purpose.

Specialized Knowledge can come from many sources, such as from  your
own experiences and educational background, from the experiences of
others or a mastermind group, from places of higher education, at the local
library or the internet, and specialized courses at trade school.

In the past, a person would apprentice themselves with a master of a skill
they desire. There are plenty of ways to find and develop any skill one would
desire when the desire is hot enough.

Nathan Grimes

Kay Young was talking about her son taking a real estate test in Colorado on
last nights mastermind call and how hard the test was. Michael told her about
his daughter-in-law hiring someone to teach her how to pass the test.

Someone who had already been there and done that. Only what she needed
to pass a test to be exact. That is SPECIALIZED KNOWLEDGE!

When I was taking the pre-trip test for driving a school bus they told me as well
as everyone else if we would come down to the hub and do a training session
with one of the instructors they would teach you exactly what they would be
grading on. 

That was a no brainer on my part! Easier than spending all that time studying.
That guy was giving SPECIALIZED KNOWLEDGE! I made a 99 because they
said no one gets 100's, they just didn't give them.

Rick Burnett

The bottom line is that you must put into action what you learned. By planning,
doing, reviewing & adjusting. It must be done CONSISTENTLY because if it isn't
then you may as well forget everything & do something else.

Lawrence Bergfeld

Knowledge is of little use unless it is organized and used for a definite purporse or a definite gaol.

IF you have the imagination, the idea, for a specific thing in life, it is confronting to know that you
can obtain the specialized knowledge to make that plan a realty. Your first job is to find that
specialized knowledge.

The universities or colleges may not be the place to find that knowledge you need.
You can use the same imagination or desire to find that specialized knowledge you
need. Ford had little formal education, yet he massed a fortune.

When on trial for being ignorant, Ford answered the questioning attorney,  that he
had a row or bottons on his desk by which he could summon a person with the
specailized knowledge he needed.

I have found that in finding the specialized knowledge we need, that knowledge usually
comes through people. If we ask enough people the right way and we can obtain the
knowledge we want.  

George Freelen
To me Self-development it is Specialized Knowledge.

Where you learn how to think, not what to think! 

Where you learn how to bring out the best within yourself. 
If you want more you have to become more!

If you have a dream and goal to live an abundant life,
you need Self-development, it has to become a habit.

Marty Roe

 Hill writes "An educated man is not, necessarily, one who has an abundance of
general or specialized knowledge. An educated man is one who has so developed
the faculties of his mind that he may acquire anything he wants, or its equivalent,
without violating the rights of others. Henry Ford comes well within the meaning of
this definition." 

Barry Ritholtz stated "People who work in specialized fields seem to have their own l
anguage. Practitioners develop a shorthand to communicate among themselves.

The jargon can almost sound like a foreign language."

In Network Marketing we have our own language and to others who are not in Network
Marketing our language can sound like a foreign language.   When we use that "electric
push-button" in connecting and communicating with people we need to remember to speak
in their language.

If they don't understand what we are saying there will be no "like and trust".  They will think
we are speaking a foreign language and they will be like the Lawyer who asked Henry Ford
the questions, the lawyer did not undertand the language Henry Ford was speaking.

Tuula Rands


Anybody here ever watched Jeopardy or likes Trivial Pursuit?   I have watched Jeopardy
along with a friendly game of Trivial Pursuit on vacation.   Both Jeopardy and Trivial Pursuit
have a wide range of questions. These go from easy to extremely difficult. Well difficult to
me anyway. These questions do not pertain to my career or my leisure interest.   

In other words they do not pertain to my recreational interest and provide absolutely no
financial compensation.  I have said in past lessons that there is nothing wrong with
knowing a lot of trivia.  You can be a hit at a formal dinner party or possibly star on a
game show like Jeopardy.  

In defense there is nothing wrong with a College Education, if you choose a specialty such
as Engineering or Health Care. This specialty is a form of specialized knowledge.  A Liberal
Arts Degree is nothing but a bunch of General Knowledge. 

General Knowledge, as well will not guarantee success in Network Marketing. Your
customers or partners will not join your business because you got an A in your College
Geology Class.  This has nothing to do with their needs and will not make them successful.

We do not have to know everything to succeed in this industry. We, just need to pick a five
-pillar company, ready to work, and be coachable. 

One advantage of Network Marketing has over the few Careers mentioned along with
winning Jeopardy is we can make residual income. 

The same goes for engineering or nursing.  You can earn a good wage by trading time
for money, but the income will not be permanent.

Network Marketing has a lot of advantages, but is not easy.  One needs a support network. 
Mentoring for Free is the perfect place for this.  

Michael Grant Simon

Ben the specialised knowledge you are seeking needs to come from those who have travelled
the same road as Yourself. For years you’ve followed those who have general knowledge, they
may have a very superficial knowledge of improving health and becoming fitter. Only to make
comments which show their own knowledge as a person

you can offer someone your own specialized knowledge in the way of a product which you
offer they will take or reject your own knowledge.

Ben Drake


My dad had a 7th grade education in England and picked up knowledge where and when he
needed it. He came over to the US just before the stock market crash, then World War II. He
built several businesses during his life time and left a very nice estate. He lived by most of
Napoleon Hill's principles!
Gerry Hatton.


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