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Marty Roe Pine Bluff, Arkansas, United States

Posted: 2021-06-15

Chapter 3,
From The Book, Think And Grow Rich!
By Napoleon Hill,

The Greatest Forces Are Intangible!

Faith Is a State Of Mind Which May Be Induced by 

All down the ages, the religionists have admonished 
struggling humenity to "have faith" in this, that and the
other dogma or creed, but they have failed to tell people
 HOW to have faith. They have not stated that "faith is a
state of mind, and that it may be induced by 

In this chapter Napoleon Hill gives us a Self-Confidence 
Formula, to help us build Faith within ,ourselves, you can
do a search and you should be able to fiend a print out.

When I made the decision to build a Network Marketing
business, I knew I needed help. I put my Faith into some
programs and systems, coaching systems, lead generation 
systems, they always told me, they told me we are going 
to help you. When it did not work out the way I thought it
should, they told me it was all my fault. 
When I first came across MFF, my mindset went 
something like this, I am not going to get ripped off! 
I am not going to get ripped off! I am not going to get 
ripped off! That was my self-talk, after my coaching call I 
told Ken Klem I am going to stick with the free program,
he said that was okay. The only free part of the program
I knew about was Think And Grow Rich Lesson, it was the
Mental Cleans at that time. 
I listen to the calls for six months, I did not know it at the
time, however I now know my Faith and confidence in 
the Mentoring For Free system was growing. I had never 
heard of Michael and Linda Dlouhy, Ken Klemm, Tuula
Rands, it took some time to build Faith and confidence 
into this Mentoring system, it took some time to over 
come the negative self-talk in my head. 
I now have more Faith and confidence in myself, I now 
have a mind that wants to look for answers. 
What can I do? Who can I talk with about this? 

You are a child of the universe, no less than the trees and the stars: you have a right to be here.
— Max Ehrmann, American writer and poet

       Marty Roe
 Pine Bluff, Arkansas,