Think & Grow Rich Lessons
Michael Grant Simon Stillwater, Minnesota, United States

Posted: 2021-06-14



Have you ever been in a serious situation where everything that could go wrong has?  Have you ever feverishly worked towards something that you desire more than anything and things are not working in your favor?  In other words have you had moments of failure in an endeavor and just want to go home curl up on the coach with the Dog? 


I have and it has happened on many occasions.


I was a sales professional in a few different industries over a course of two decades.  Some jobs were not meant to be and simply did not work out.  Then there were a few that did. Not one of them, however, was easy and there were tough days in each one of them.  


One in particular stands out.  I was selling two-way communication equipment and service for a wireless communication company a number of years back.  The first four months was brutal.  I made phone calls or was out pounding the pavement every day from early morning till the evening.  I got a few small sales, but that was it.  I was doing plenty of work, with little success.  Another sales professional started the same time I did, and was having some success.   I felt like a failure.    I, as well had some personal issues outside of the office, when my parents were going through a divorce after being married for three decades.  


Things were tough and looked bleak.  I was worried about losing my job and having no place to go at the time. 


I went home everyday for a month and curled up on the coach. 


I finally spoke out to the Lord and said.  If you don’t want me working here and living where I live fine.  I, however, need a breakthrough.  I am at the end of the rope and cannot keep living like this.  Please Lord, show me the light.


Strangely I started closing sales in the next few days.  Things got better and I was making consistent sales.  The boss was happy and in turn I was happy.  I finally had my confidence back.   I, as well put my parent’s marital issues to the side.  I accepted that this was not my fault and I had absolutely no control over this.


Things did not improve, because I worked harder.  They improved because I had faith and finally began to actually have Trust and Faith in the Lord.


A similar situation happened when I became Service Connected over a decade ago. Both my careers: military and civilian were derailed over night.   I was fortunate to get Service Connectivity, but still felt displaced.  Went from being a workaholic to barely working at all.


Took me a while to accept that things out of our control happen and there was something better for me.


Since then I have been involved in a few small businesses, volunteered, and I am involved in endurance sports.    Who knows if any of these opportunities would have appeared if I had never been injured?   We will never know.


According to Hill, “Your Belief or Faith is the element that determines the action of your subconscious mind.” 


This is probably the reason why I got of the couch and began to move forward as an entrepreneur and endurance sport athlete.


Hill as well says, “Faith is the only know antidote to failure.”


I, might never, have succeeded if I had not kept going in these challenging times.


As for Network Marketing I have been involved a few times before.  I swore two decades ago, that I was done and would never do it again.  For years people reached out to me with different opportunities and I immediately dismissed them.


Then one day an old friend and coworker reached out to me.  As before I ignored it. After the seventh phone call I finally sat down with him.  I was skeptical, but agreed to try the core product.  If it worked I would consider becoming a partner.  Well it did and I am a partner today.



My company like other’s on these calls is a strong five-pillar company.  As said before the concept is good, but it is not easy.  Not everyone we talk too is going to jump up, say thank you and sign up.  Some will not even consider being a customer even if they could benefit. 


Easy to say, but I will admit that I still take it personally at times.  Have I done or said something wrong.   No, they just are not ready and some will never be ready.  


Faith is what keeps me going at this.  I know mine is a great program with plenty of benefits for the folks with an open mind.   I just need to keep going.  I have faith in the company I just need it for myself.


Mentoring for Free has helped me tremendously this time.  Thank you Michael And Linda Dlouhy for this wonderful program.  Thank you Rick Burnett for reaching out to me.  Thank you to everyone on these weekly calls.


Hebrews Chapter Eleven verse number one,  “Now faith is confidence in what we hope for and assurance about what we do not see.”


Michael Simon