Think & Grow Rich Lessons
George Freelen Hondo, TX, United States

Posted: 2021-06-10

Developing Desire.

We are what we are because of the thoughts we allow to dominate our subconsious mind. Dominating thoughts used constructively can and will create the future we desire. 

If we know what we want and want it badly enough, we can trick our subsconsious mind into producing it. (I use the work 'trick' meaning program). We can develop the Faith that we will need to insure it will happen. Once we develop that Faith, it's a done deal.

We must know entirely or exactly what we want to accomplish and know that we will do and do what ever it takes to achieve that which we want. We must set some type of time frame achieving it and work toward that end. We must write out a concise clear plan for what we want to accomplish. Yes, Hill points out that the plan must be in writing. It must be a clear statement, a definite plan for what we will do.

Once we have a clear concise statement of our desire, we must read first thing in the morning and before retiring at night. This is a procedure for reaching the subsconsious mind and infinite intelligence. This will create the Desire and Faith for reaching our goals in life.

Thanks, Michael and Linda Dlouhy for creating MFF. Changing my life when I need it the most.

George Freelen

Hondo, Texas