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Michael Dlouhy Brooksville, Florida, USA

Posted: 2021-06-10

Chapter 3 Faith.

Why am I here?” is a commonly asked question or it may need
to be
. Every one of us came into this world for a purpose, but
the problem or issue is that most people come up short in
finding the answer. Within each of us is an intangible force or
energy just waiting to be released. That force can and will
transform or transmute thoughts from desire into their physical
counterpart. Hills states that this is done by following the
instruction on auto-suggestion, planting those desires into the
subconscious mind convincing it to believe that you will receive
that which you ask. That belief turns into faith to have a definite
plan followed by action.

Thanks to Linda and Michael Dlouhy for beginning living
examples of the faith that moves mountains.

Nathan Grimes


How do you know you have faith? Is it something you just
tell yourself?  Is it  your self talk?  Is it Something you just think about?
How do you really know you have faith?

As I pondered on the lesson plan I submitted last week, I recognized the fact
that every chapter is not just understanding what each chapter
means.  It was not just knowing what my desire was,
it was not just recognizing the fact that I needed a self talk, it was
not just understanding what the subconscious mind was or knowing
that thoughts are things but in all that, I knew I had to take responsibility
to do something with everything I understood from each of these chapters. 

Taking action or showing my faith is putting my work boots on and taking
hold of my tool box and going to work on every principle in every Chapter of this book. 
Taking action is not just a thought in my head, it is the proof of my faith.

Tuula Rands
We must know entirely or exactly what we want to accomplish and know that
we will do and do what ever it takes to achieve that which we want.

We must set some type of time frame achieving it and work toward that end.
We must write out a concise clear plan for what we want to accomplish. Yes,
Hill points out that the plan must be in writing.It must be a clear statement, a
definite plan for what we will do.

This will create the Desire and Faith for reaching our goals in life.

George Freeland.

Another sales professional started the same time I did, and was having some success.  
I felt like a failure.    I, as well had some personal issues outside of the office, when my
parents were going through a divorce after being married for three decades.  

Things were tough and looked bleak.  I was worried about losing my job and having no
place to go at the time. I went home everyday for a month and curled up on the coach. 

I finally spoke out to the Lord and said.  If you don’t want me working here and living where
I live fine.  I, however, need a breakthrough.  I am at the end of the rope and cannot keep
living like this.  Please Lord, show me the light.

Strangely I started closing sales in the next few days.  Things got better and I was making
consistent sales.  The boss was happy and in turn I was happy.  I finally had my confidence
back.   I, as well put my parent’s marital issues to the side.  I accepted that this was not my
fault and I had absolutely no control over this.

Michael Simon
Chapter 3 - Faith

We have a lot of people go through Mentoring for Free.  They request the e-book "Success in
10 Steps" and go through the videos and have their coaching call with Michael Dlouhy.

Some will take advantage of the System and some will not.

Some will join you in your company and some will not.

There are some who have a coaching call and you believe they have gone to another planet
because you are not able to connect with them ever again.

There are some who after the coaching call show interest in the Mentoring free System and
your company, but the interest is only to look at everything and see negative things and do not
continue or then say "it is not for me."

Some will say the System is "a joke" even when they have not even seen how it works.  

After many years of connecting with people and introducing them to this System I have
seen all these people and realize they do not have Faith.  Maybe they don't even have
faith in themselves and that could be why they cannot have faith in someone offering
them something that would help them.  

Gregory Peck has stated "Faith gives you an inner strength and a sense of balance and perspective in life."

I believe if we have faith we would have that inner strenth and sense of balance and perspective
in life and would not be skeptical of everything and everyone.  

I have been with Mentoring for Free since 2006 because I have faith.

I have faith in the system,

I have faith in Michael and Linda Dlouhy and I have faith in all the others that are here to
Mastermind and grow with each other. 

Henry Ward Beecher stated "Every tomorrow has two handles. We can take hold of it with the
handle of anxiety or the handle of faith."

Hill writes "RICHES begin in the form of THOUGHT! The amount is limited only by the person
in whose mind the THOUGHT is put into motion. FAITH removes limitations!"

RICHES are not only in money or things.  RICHES can be in "that inner strength 
and a sense of balance and perspective in life."

Tuula Rands 

I listen to the calls for six months, I did not know it at the time, however I now know my Faith
and confidence in the Mentoring For Free system was growing. I had never heard of Michael
and Linda Dlouhy, Ken Klemm, Tuula Rands,

it took some time to build Faith and confidence into this Mentoring system, it took some time
to over come the negative self-talk in my head. I now have more Faith and confidence in myself,

I now  have a mind that wants to look for answers. 

What can I do? Who can I talk with about this? 
Marty Roe

The main thing about FAITH is doing the work with belief and ADJUSTING!
Evaluated experience and moving up is key. Nothing else.

Lawrence Bergfeld

So this tells me that  you have to have belief before you can even develop faith. Seems to me
that if you didn’t have any belief at all, then you would never even put forth the effort to practice
autosuggestion. If you didn’t have just a little belief you would more than likely never attempt
much of anything!

Two quotes that I have up in front of me always. It’s only what you believe will happen and
therefore do next that will bring about a life change and the other and this is big …80% of
your success comes down when you believe it!

So my conclusion is that if you don’t have belief you are finished before you even start

Rick Burnett


WHEN You Hve FAITH in Yourself

Abigail Dantzie

There was an English pub that had a brass plate attached to the hearth. Inscribed on the
plate was "Fear knocked at the door. Faith answered. No one was there!"

Gerry Hatton
You just kept on going, just like the business and being an entrepreneur You believed and
just kept on going. You need the same faith and beliefs in Your health that you will just keep
on going along with your being an entrepreneur.

You will make it happen Ben You just need to keep on believing.
Ben Drake


Some equate FAITH  with blind belief. Influential American essayist and journalist H. L.
Mencken once called faith “an illogical belief in the occurrence of the improbable.”

The Bible, in contrast, describes faith as being neither blind nor illogical. God’s Word says:

“Faith is the assured expectation of things hoped for, the evident demonstration of realities
though not beheld.”—Hebrews 11:1.

In harmony with Napoleon Hill explanation of faith When FAITH is blended with the vibration
of thought the subconscious mind instantly picks up the Vibration! Translate itintoits spiritual
equivalent and transmits it to infinite Intelligence as in case of Prayer.

Taquittee Cross


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