Think & Grow Rich Lessons
Marcel Schmidt Thunderbay, Ontario, Canada

Posted: 2021-06-02

Chapter 1 Thoughts Are Things


TRULY, “thoughts are things,” and powerful things at that, when they are mixed with definiteness of purpose, persistence, and a BURNING DESIRE for their translation into riches, or other material objects.

A little more than thirty years ago, Edwin C. Barnes discovered how true it is that men really do THINK AND GROW RICH. His discovery did not come about at one sitting. It came little by little, beginning with a BURNING DESIRE to become a business associate of the great Edison.

One of the chief characteristics of Barnes’ Desire was that it was definite. He wanted to work with Edison, not for him. Observe, carefully, the description of how he went about translating his DESIRE into reality, and you will have a better understanding of the thirteen principles which lead to riches.

As  some of you know I have cancer of the pancrease and I am using the principles of a burning desire in my recovery. I am always saying to myself that I have another 10 years to live and I believe that thoughts are things and I wiull live until I am 81 years young and next year I will still have another 10 years to go and so I will live until I am 82 years young and so on and so on.

I also believe that the stronger I make my immune system the better I will be able to fight off the cancer so by using my supplements to alkalize my body and cancer cant grow in an alkaline body I will live to be a ripe old age.

I read about a lady without her messaging me that she was diagnosed with stage 4 liver cancer 33 years ago and she said all that she done was take her supplements which are the same ones I am taking.

I truly believe that if those of you who want to send a prayer to your God to help Marcel get well along with my wife"s Marina"s prayers and my sisters, son, daughter's,son-in-law and our grandchildren that all those thoughts going to the God will result in me getting well.

By The Way at the moment I am cancer free and waiting on getting radiation treatments and hopefully killing the cancer totally.

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