Think & Grow Rich Lessons
Kay Young Superior, CO, US

Posted: 2021-06-02

Think and Grow Rich – Chapter 1                           June 2, 2021

Thoughts Are Things


Just today, I had to change my lesson that I had pursued through the week, because something wonderful happened.  I experienced thoughts becoming things. It’s a lesson that is much more fun!  So….here we go…


Last Friday, my husband had a car accident.  He needs his car to work.  Fortunately, when we realized that he was ok, excepting probably a couple of trips to the chiropractor, we moved to taking care of the car.


We contacted the insurance company, got a claim and they deemed the car a “total loss.”  This means 1) They pay off the loan, 2.) We get something for the equity.   Then….3.)WE have to buy another car.


All ok EXCEPT #3.  Our credit has been affected by COVID and we may not qualify for a new loan.  I tried calling the bank to see if we could just get a car that was the cost of the rest of the loan & transfer it.  They were not at all flexible.  We thought about several other ways to deal with it. 


THEN the collision company called and said,         “YOUR CAR IS NOT TOTALLED.  THEY ONLY SAW PICTURES AND MADE SOME INCORRECT DECIDIONS.”  We were encouraged.  Next, I called the insurance company.  “NO change.  We trust our assessors’ and it is totaled.”


Well…after the thought that we might get the car back, we were back to being down.


AND THEN IT HAPPENED….I HAD A THOUGHT.  “This whole experience was all for our good.  Something good would come of it.  We would have a great car come to us.”  I kept that thought in the top of my mind.   All day I totally looked at this as a blessing and waited, expecting God to reveal what it was.  It became exciting!


I went on about my day and took a call from a friend who was convalescing from an illness.  She had some exciting things to share with me and then I told her about the car, leaving off with, “I know it will all be fine.” 


She replied, “Well, I’ve been thinking of letting go of my car.”  I was stunned.  There was NO thought in my mind that her car could be the answer for us.  It was a nice car.  Looked good and has another good 100,000 miles on it.  She had kept seat covers on the seats, so they were like new under them.


Nonchalantly, I asked, “What would you think of selling it for.” And she replied, “Well I couldn’t just let it go at the base price, I think about…$4000. “  I knew we could manage that as we had been saving for another issue that could wait. 

SOOO, my husband just now is driving up to the house, meaning his 2 o’clock appointment must not have been home.  And, believe it or not, MY 2 o’clock changed her appointment to next week.  Time was given to us!


The gift will be getting rid of a $10,000 loan with payments of $350/month, while having a serviceable car without payments.  Wahoo!!!


Maybe I can let you know the outcome tonight!


Thanks to Michael and Linda for helping us to cirect our thoughts to the positive and thanks for those of you who are learning this habit with us.


Hebrews 10:22   “Let us draw near with a true heart in full assurance of faith.”


Kay Young

Superior, Colorado