Think & Grow Rich Lessons
Abigail Dantzie Brighton, East Sussex, United Kingdom

Posted: 2021-06-02

In the beginning was the thought. And the thought was expressed in word and the word became material. The thought  becomes whatever desire is the strongest.

You can’t see them. You can’t touch them but they are the most powerful things we have, thoughts. Whether you are aware of it or not, they are expressing their power. Thoughts are things.

This power is the same power used by the master to create worlds. The master whose image and likeness you are and said you are given all power too!

Are your thoughts creating what you want or what you don’t want? Are you using the power that creates worlds to attain your true desires?

Your life goes in the direction of your thoughts. It's not just what you think but what your subconscious mind believes about what you think. Whether you are consciously thinking or unconsciously thinking, your thoughts are bringing about what you are thinking about the most. First thougt, then word, then thing. 

For example, you desire, or have an impulse of thought,  to move into a better home in a lovely neighbourhood. You gave it much thought and you decided to follow your desire for this new experience and even make plans for this to happen. Then a thought comes out of nowhere saying, you can’t, contradicting what you want and even giving you reasons backing up the “I can’t” and it feels so real that you are stalled in your actions. This is your subconscious disagreeing with you and taking control of what happens for you. It managed to take control becasue it holds the stronger thoughts, which are your beliefs about your ability to have what you want.

Or, you bump into a friend or family member and they comment on how happy you look. You share what you are thinking about and are feeling very excited. They then say, “that’s a silly idea. You can’t do that!” If your desire isn’t strong enough and backed up by your subconscious mind they can overpower your thoughts and your desire is at risk of death.

I think therefore I am.

What you think is the most important factor in attaining your desire, and I add, the strength of what you think, vital in successfully achieving your goal.