Think & Grow Rich Lessons
Jacob Domagalski Poznan, Greater Poland, Poland

Posted: 2021-06-02

Success starts as a thought. If I can imagine, If I can believe in something, 
I have no reason to doubt in making this happen.
My faith will lead me and will attract the people like me on my life way.

By Having self-confidence, I create my surroundings and force the world to help me achieve my goals.
I require from myself to define my goals and perseverance,  because these factors depend entirely on me and are essential in every activity that I undertake on my way to wealth.
Adversity is just tests to verify the strength of my desires. They don't define me, but my reaction to them.
I will not stop myself from anything that the situation requires. I am ready to accept success and I am ready to pay the price for it.
After I get it, I want to help others to do the same.

All best!