Think & Grow Rich Lessons
Michael Grant Simon Stillwater, Minnesota, United States

Posted: 2021-06-01



If you think you can, take action, and keep plugging away you can succeed.  If you doubt, waffle, and quit you will not succeed.


Hill’s book provides many examples of individuals who believed in themselves, took action, and in the long run succeeded.


The story of Edwin C. Barnes is still one of my favorites.  Barnes was determined to go into business with Edison.  He had no excess money for clothes or travel.  This, however, did not stop Barnes.  He jumped a train to Orange, New Jersey where Edison’s office was located.  He let Edison know that he was there to go into business with him.  Edison ended up giving him a nominal wage job. 


Edison was interviewed years later about this.  Edison said that Barnes essentially had a hobo appearance.  He was hired because of the desire and determination not his outward appearance.  One of my favorite sayings is do not judge a book by it’s cover.  Edison made the right decision on this occasion.


Barnes worked for Edison for years until the opportunity came to sell Edison’s dictating machines.  Barnes did so well that he received a contract to sell his dictating machines nationwide.  According to Hill, Barnes not only became very wealthy, this proves, “That one can think and grow rich.”


Barnes did more than just think.  He worked for Edison for years.  The vast majority would have quit and moved on to another opportunity within a short period of time or simply packed up and gone home.  Not Barnes kept focused and drove on.   Barnes, as well had desire, which is covered in the next chapter.


Another great example covered by Hill is RU Darby.  Darby and his Uncle jumped on the Gold Rush Bandwagon.  They dug up one nugget of Gold and were confident they found their keep.  Then they ordered the machinery necessary to dig deeper in the mine and strike it rich. The unfortunately hit a wall and were seeing no signs of gold.  Eventually they quit and sold of their machinery to a junk man.


This individual was more than ordinary.  He hired a mining engineer who through some calculations figured out the fault lines in the mine.  Darby and his Uncle ended up stopping three feet from millions of dollars in gold ore.  Can only imagine what this would be worth today?


There are two lessons from this story. The first is, “One man’s loss is another man’s gain.”


Second is delegation and working with people who have the knowledge to accomplish the mission.    This so called Junk Man did.  This is the same procedure that Henry Ford Followed.  You don’t have to know everything, just know where to gather the information. 


Darby learned a valuable lesson from this endeavor.  He became one of the most successful insurance sales professional in the country.  A majority of his sales came from people who said No quickly.  He kept plugging away and many of the No’s became yes.


Insurance is similar to Direct Sales.

First, you have an opportunity to create a passive income.

Secondly is you will not get a yes at every meeting.


One must keep plugging away.  Darby kept plugging away because he believed in his product and more importantly he believed in himself. 


As I said in the beginning, If you think you can, take action, keep plugging away, you can succeed.  If you doubt, waffle and quit you will not succeed.


As said above Direct Sales can be a great opportunity to change your life for the better.  It, however, is not easy, and not everyone will be interested in being a customer or partner.  Not in the first meeting anyway. 


Besides finding a five-pillar company, we need to keep plugging away. 


Mentoring for Free can help get us through the challenges of building our businesses and other life challenges.


Thank you Michael and Linda Dlouhy for this wonderful program. Thank you Rick Burnett for reaching out to me.  Thank you to everyone who participates on these weekly calls.


Romans chapter twelve verse numbers two.  “ Do not conform to the pattern of this world, but be transformed by the renewing of your mind. Then you will be able to test and approved what God’s will is- his good, pleasing and perfect will.”



Michael Simon