Think & Grow Rich Lessons
Lawrence Bergfeld Bronx, New York, USA

Posted: 2021-05-26

Whatever we do here all boils down to HABIT & being ALL IN. Which means not only doing what is necessary to get results. But making a TO DO LIST every night before bed.

Most people come home from work. And a great move is to immediately make a TO DO LIST. If you are tired take a nap first then do it right away.

This point hit me from the title of Steve Jobs book Creating A Life by Design. How can you create your life if you are unintentionally sleeping by the wheel and fail to do your TO DO List? You can’t. It is like driving in the car with no direction.

Rather stay at home & watch your favorite TV show if you are going to act like that. It tells you clearly in the book that Henry Ford accumulated his fortune not because of his superior mind. But because he followed a PLAN Of ACTION for success & did the work & accomplished what he wanted. Thousands of people with a greater education live in poverty because they took everyones word without questioning it.

Being an A student in high school and college does NOT make you totally educated. 

Another thing is that I remember my childhood friend Jason asking on the basketball court to the scorekeeper Tommy the question “How much time is left? I don’t know what quarter it was but in a basketball 🏀 game there are 32 minutes. Each quarter has 8 minutes. Point is if it was the 4th quarter with 2 minutes left what would you be doing? How would you react if you were always flying by the seat of your pants?

Not good!

The bottom line is Fail to PLAN is PLAN to FAIL in  ALL areas of your life!

Rather Plan, Do, Review, Adjust!

Lawrence Bergfeld