Think & Grow Rich Lessons
Taquittee Cross Calumet Park, Illinois, United States

Posted: 2021-05-13

Chapter 13

The brain

A broadcasting and receiving station for thought!


As you think you may have thought you knew.

But you didn’t.

You grew to know you.

And who You are.

What are you talking about, Taquittee?

The brain and the mind are separated but yet the same. 


Life is complex.

As we leave adolescence and enter adulthood, we discover that no one prepared us for the seemingly endless challenges of everyday life.

From earning and managing money to feeding ourselves to keeping in touch with friends and staying on top of our seemingly ever-expanding to-do list — let alone more significant challenges of managing wins and losses or trying to figure out your purpose.

We may not understand why we can’t focus on our goals when we are hungry, homeless, and lonely.  It’s the way we work with our Brains.

Every time we come to this chapter, I want to go deeper and deeper, but there’s no need for that. Because Abraham Maslow has it in his Maslow’s hierarchy of needs. He explained a system to train


What was unique about Maslow’s work was that, unlike most psychology, it did not focus on illness and wellness, and excellence. Rather than study the mentally ill, he studied greats including Eleanor Rosevelt, Albert Einstein, Abraham Lincoln, Jane Adams, and others. His focus was not on identifying ailments ocures but on asking what the most whole, healthy happy human being looked like and why.

With That being said, the moslow theory helps me to realize why Napoleon Hill wrote this book. Just like moslow hill focused on the success of people.

With the brain, we have to train ourselves how to think.

We know we have particular needs in life to feel secure. Just like the food pyramid, we have a need pyramid. I can talk about my life and how this has affected me, but you know my story.

 This Year I turned  50 years Young. 


 I wouldn’t say I grew up in poverty; I grew around poverty. I saw many things change around me, which means I had to grow up pretty fast. Which means I grew in survival mode.

In the moslow theory, he tells us how the brain and survival go hand in hand.

At the bottom, you have your Physiological needs to focus on like air, water, food, shelter, clothes, and reproducing (sex)

Then you have safety, personal security, employment, resources, and health,

Love and belonging friendship intimacy family, sense of connection

Esteem;= respect, self-esteem, status ETC.

Self-actualization – your life purpose desire to be the most you can be.


In other words, you are not thinking about helping someone else if you are hungry and homeless that comes after you have some sense of safety and the brain knows this, but you must know it also. I thank Maslow and napoleon hill for helping me to understand so much in my life with their studies.


I want to thank Nathan for being my Mentor and Michael and Linda to create Mentor for free because it has helped me grow in this time I have been here.

I love You so Much!!!!

Taquittee Cross