Think & Grow Rich Lessons
Abigail Dantzie Brighton, East Sussex, United Kingdom

Posted: 2021-05-12


We have in our brains something called an ‘ether’ which operates similar to a radio transmitter, sending and receiving thought vibrations to and from other brains. Only very high vibrations are transmitted this way.

This process can be stepped up both through any of the positive or negative major emotions, of which, the sex emotion vibrates at the highest intensity.

Thus increasing the Creative Imagination’s reception of ideas.

In our world, all around us are many intangible, unseen forces ruling, controlling, and providing for us that we don’t understand very much. Of all these forces, thoughts are super powerful; the greatest and are handled by the brain.

Humans depended much on physical senses in the past but now we are learning more about the intangible, the unseen, and are even admitting that we are incapable of understanding much of the unseen, intangible but obvious ruling powers. For example, what makes things grow and providing for our every need, storms, electricity, etc, and greatest of all, THOUGHT.

Professor Rhyne’s research makes ‘extra-sensory modes of perception,’ such as “telepathy” and ‘clairvoyance’ ‘enormously probable,’ one person reading other’s mind. He provided impressive evidence of thought transference between persons.

I believe my invitation to this mastermind call is the result of my super powerful thoughts invisibly vibrating into the mind of my friend. I gave much thought to meeting like-minded people and being in a mastermind group and suddenly, here I am, levelling up how I use my brain!

Dr Rhines work helped bring about the idea of ‘Invisible Counsellors,’ blending minds to find solutions to problems.