Think & Grow Rich Lessons
Marcel Schmidt Thunderbay, Ontario, Canada

Posted: 2021-05-10

Chapter 13 The Brain


The Twelfth Step toward Riches

As I said to Michael it was time to get a lesson posted and I decided I better do it now rather than putting it off and not getting it done.

I know that the brain is a broadcasting and recieving station because in the past when I focused on getting something I usually got it.

For instance I focused on moving and getting a job in my trade by going East from where I was born and raised in loydminster and my plan was

to go to the Toronto area but God had other plans and I had to go through Thunder Bay and in 1986 I found a job here and have been here since then.

I also met my wife Marina her by doing the same thing and that was praying to God for a women and he brought me Marina and we have been together for 33 years.

At this time though as some of you know I am batlling cancer of the pancrease and I am doing that the same way and that is praying to God that the cancer gpoes away

by taking chemo therapy and it has. Now I am being scheduled for five and a half weeks of radiation and ny doing this along with using my supplements I expect to get 

another ten years of quality life.

I am rewnovatring our home and expect to be done May 31 and then put it up for sale and have it sold by the end of June and then move back to Lloydminster and we would live

with our daughter Desiree and Granddaughter Serina and son in law Jay and watch her and my son Marcel Jr kids grow up for the rest of our lives.

I bellieve that thoughts are things and what always happens to me is what I think.

Your Leader In Beautiful Thunder Bay, Ontario

Marcel Schmidt