Think & Grow Rich Lessons
Jacob Domagalski Poznan, Greater Poland, Poland

Posted: 2021-05-05

Telepathy, clairvoyance, brainwave they all have one source. 
Key point to kick-start these brain areas is positive stimulants (music, desire, love, autosugestion, sex, friendship), 
which helps transform energy in creative imagination. Drugs stultify brains and does not let me think clear.
I can not control my thoughts, but I can control my reactions on it. 
Only my attitude is deciding about consequences and posibilites of my thinking. 
Subconscious Mind transforms faith and emotions to Infinite Intelligence, which give me back plan or idea.
Always have faith, don't be scared to be emotional. 
Whatever I believe can happen, can happen. 
Cut of all negativity, I don't need it. Be brave to find negativity in you, to discover this in little things, and cut it right away.
I need to look for mistakes in my behaviour, positive and negative feelings starts right here - in my thoughts.
Good news for me: I can't think negative and positive in the same time. Choose wisely!