Think & Grow Rich Lessons
Kay Young Superior, CO, US

Posted: 2021-04-14

Think and Grow Rich – Chapter 9                                               April 14, 2021



When I think about persistence, I am astonished that I have a good amount of it.  Therefore, my Desire must be great enough to continue on with Network Marketing.  After 54 years of being IN and OUT of various companies, I know I BELIEVE in the concept AND it’s been a love/hate relationship. 


Fifty four years ago, when Jay and I were married.  I was teaching English and he was in graduate school.  We knew we needed to make more income and started a distributorship in a popular NWM company.  Of course, we started by contacting our friends and family. We stayed with it a couple of years until we accepted that it was not a fair exchange of our Time & Money for profit for us and we stopped.


Some years later, a friend brought us into another company and we jumped in as we always had believed in the concept of NWM.  Now it was much easier for paperwork and stocking products.  Again, we started with friends and family and worked putting on meetings weekly in a hotel in Denver.  And…yet once again, the work outweighed our financial desires.


More time passed.  I started my own brick and mortar business for 20 years & let the thought of NWM drop.  Then another friend brought us into another business.  We forged ahead thinking maybe we had finally found the right one.   After LOTS of work and a couple of years, we knew that was not the one and now is very clear why after studying with Michael & Linda Dlouhy.


We tripped through about 4 more companies very quickly in the next 15 years and then Jay stopped all together.  I was still working with the 4th company.  I almost quit too until I finally answered the 7th email from Mentoring for Free from Michael DLouhy.  The lights went on for me, but Jay is so leery after our past experiences that I’m doing this now SOLO until I can show the value of the commitment of time and money.


In that position, I was reminded of one of the fun places we took our sons when they were young.  It is called Water World.  In the free pool, there is a structure like a fort.  Water is streaming all over the place.  In front over the pool, was a bucket way up high constantly filling with water.  When it was full, it would dump water into the pool below on whomever was standing there.

Building our business alone was a real challenge for me.  Jay is the personable “front” person and now I had to be the leader. I felt like that bucket, only it was not full and couldn’t dump water on others.  All my weaknesses were painfully apparent to me.  If I had not answered that email from Michael 4 years ago, I would not be in Network Marketing for sure.


These have been years of filling my bucket with such thoughts and beliefs like:  “I’m enough,”  “I can do this,” "I love me,"“People will listen to my stories.” “People need what I have to offer.”  My bucket is filling up and I have more confidence.  Even though I’ve been in positions of leadership all my life, I have never felt that I really belonged there.  Thank heaven for the persistence and promptings to continue this path by myself.


Thanks to Linda and Michael Dlouhy and Mentoring for Free, I am finally now ready to dive off the diving board and freely do this business.  I know there are many who will benefit both through my products and my income opportunity.  I can focus on helping them now, not on myself. I have never felt more confident.  Also thanks to all of you who are in this journey here at Mentoring for Free.  You inspire me.


Kay Young

Superior, CO